Things They Don't Teach You In School

Dont know how long that continues. But I could not suffer any longer......WOW!
If you went through the entire sequence then you now have a virus successfully loaded into your computer

just kidding


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Can't get past the first page, keep getting a 'cannot display the webpage' error page.

Yea, I think that site's taking a lotta hits, or it's just a crappy server. I got through them all.

Heck, it ain't working at all now...
Frans that is the other reason I stopped. After seeing the title in lower left hand corner of my screen.
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It seems to be working for now.


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When I got to this particular page, I realized just how much I disagree with this poor misguided soul who has yet to grow up and earn his own way in the world. I've been around a few years and have managed to figure out how to earn a living without resorting to wealth envy or thinking that 'everybody deserves enough money to live comfortably'. frig that, if you want enough money to be comfortable then you need to get off your lazy ass and go earn it. It's not my job to support your lazy ass if you don't have the inclination to go earn it yourself.

And nothing I'm going to do is going to make some pheasant in Zimbabwe any richer, although there are thousands who will use that guilt to try and make me poorer.

I have more than average because I was lucky enough to be born in the greatest country on earth and I earned it. If you want me to feel guilty about it, go frig yourself.
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I kinda think he's trying to make a broader statement than just that.

Any of the others bother you?
Skwerl, your outlook on life was forged from experience and hard knocks.
While this web site is 'tongue in cheek' and humerous, IMO the basic message is of good will. To wit:
They are just offering advice to youngsters in how to navigate through life. Not bad advice really, just kind of humerous.
I, at least, thought it funny.