Thanksgiving Dinner


Island Girl
Mar 22, 2005
What ya cookin? My folks are coming down, so it will be the usual, turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, stuffing, broccoli casserole, jellied cranberry and rolls. I ordered one of those Honey Baked spiraled hams for the Friday before so we can enjoy it all week.
Gigi, damn you! Now I have to go order a spiral ham for myself. There's a Honey Baked Ham store about a mile from my house and there is always a line out the door during the week before Thanksgiving. I think I'll get one this week and have ham sandwiches until I turn green.
I go to my brothers, Marsha puts on one big spred, I've been in charge of the wine for the last 10 years. We have all the traditional foods, ham, turkey, sweet potatoes, all the trimmings. I've been known to hurt myself, by eating to much. Best day of the year as far as I'm concerened.
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Home grown turkey at my brother's house and then at our place just to have some leftovers. My brother's FIL rasies 30 or 40 turkey's and then we all go down to his place the weekend before and have a slaughter. A good pre-game warm-up for the real food binge on Thursday.
thats good newfie, i like to see kids that know where their food comes from:thumbup:
That's cool, I remember helping grandma butcher the turkey for thanksgiving.
I'm with you sotc they need to know food doesn't come from BurgerKing.
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Turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, broccoli, stuffing, and I should probably have something else with some color. Any suggestions?
:blob6: I'd like to deep fry a turkey one year, but I am sceerd that I may burn down my town or something.:blob6:
:blob6: I'd like to deep fry a turkey one year, but I am sceerd that I may burn down my town or something.:blob6:

Just do it outside and don't use a frozen bird. I've never done it but several of my buddies swear by them. One of them burned down his garage.
To deep fry a bird, it must be completely thawed, and dry. The deep friers come with instructions, which all real men ignore.
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My family is scattering to the winds Thursday afternoon (one is working a catering job, kids off to other family & BF's, etc.), so we're doing a Thanksgiving Breakfast. You gotta believe the Pilgrims ate some kinda grub in the a.m. before they got to cookin' the big feast ?!? It couldn't have been very interesting... probably gruel ? LOL
We're gonna do sausages, bacon & waffles. Yum !!!
Oh >>> not turkey sausage or bacon. Ick. Good ol' pork.