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I rule!!! I fixed this motherfucker!!!

iPowerweb eats shit. Get a new server Butch. And prune your posts every once in a while too, Bro!!!

Take care,

Lord Of The Doobies!!!!


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I had to dump all previous attachments. That table was hosed.

Everything should be working well now!!!


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Wow, I can't believe we lost all our attachments, sorry everyone. I wasn't expecting that.

Thanks for fixing it, Funky. I wish I woulda known I had to prune stuff. :(
Way to go Funky! Thanks!
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Shit happens.

Thanks to Funky, Doc, and Butch. I can't imagine all the time this takes. I can't even keep a simple website up to date much less a forum with all it's tending.


Sorry to hear the pics are gone......NO ONE should be using any forum for their original/only files, though. I just picked up a 230Gb external drive for under $100 just for that purpose....works just like a big flash drive. Too many close calls not to.
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You're all welcome. Sorry you lost your attachments. It was unavoidable. I thought for a while there that the whole db was toast, but most all the tables seem fine. There is still a chance that MB might need to upgrade to the newest version of this software. That's my advice.

Look at this as a chance to upload all those old pics and share them together again. A fresh start is always a good thing!


Have fun!

In another thread it was said that there was 4gb of photos here. Was that a typo? Even if it was 40, or 400, or even 4,000 GB of photos, that's not so much that we couldn't afford to buy storage space for that. I think we all love the treehouse enough to not want to have to post pics, practically KNOWING that they will be removed reasonably soon.

Bumping threads to hold on to stuff seems tedious and a bit silly. There's got to be a better way.

I gotta agree. I don't know for sure, but I suspect that a member at AS could pull up a 5 year old thread and still view the attached pictures. And I suspect that total volume of picture attachments is a bit higher over there. So I'm guessing it's NOT vBulletin, but rather something in how it's configured combined with the ongoing hosting issues.
4GB is not a lot of pictures. I have over 12GB of pictures in my computer, but my wife's Canon on high res eats up around 8megs per pic.
So what's the dealio are we still posting pics, am I supposed to be fingering how to re-size them smaller? I'm confused now? Post pics like mad? Or wait until everything get's settled out? :|: