Snow Removal? Call a Tree Climber

Old Monkey

Mar 9, 2005
Or at least that's what one of my customers did. She lives in California and spends her summer at a cabin up in the forest above Boise. Her caretaker called to tell her that there were dangerous amounts of snow piling up on the roof of her cabin and its out building. Because of the pitch of the roof they called me. I climbed a nearby pine and rappelled down onto the roof. The caretaker family ended up climbing up and helping too on the easier pitches. I didn't mind because there was snow enough for everyone. The hard part was that if you just knocked the snow off the roof it would roll back to the house and start covering and pushing in the windows, so you had to launch it out a ways. I spent 6 hours shoveling this roof and my arms felt like they would fall off afterwards. Here are some picts the caretaker family posted.
Gee Darin, that looks like oodles of fun not!!!

Did you have to shovel out the door so you could open it afterwards?

Jeez.... what a mess!!
thats cool OM, did you charge hourly for that? I would be hard pressed to figure a value..
Wow, that's a lot of snow! Odd jobs like that keep work interesting. From the pictures it looks like you had some fun doing it Darin. Of course, you might just be smiling for the camera.
thats a pretty reasonable rate, always tough to judge the ' i have more work for you' jobs. Hope it all works out! :)

Ive shoveled alot of snow from many a rooftop. But never that much!

Great pics Darin!
Glad to see you on top of things Darin. Do your arms still feel like jello? Man now that is what I call a days work!
Geez Burnham, I thought you had honest full time work. Now I find out all you do is odd jobs. :D
Never happen where I live. If it did!!! It would be the end of the world as people here knew it.

Hahaha...same here in GA. If it snows more than an inch or so down here, folks get plum' apoplectic, have conniption fits, hollerin' hoots and such. :lol:
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Glad to see you on top of things Darin. Do your arms still feel like jello? Man now that is what I call a days work!

I have recovered since then but I was about worthless the next day. For some reason I didn't want to eat mashed potatoes or ice cream for a while after that job.
Om OTG says treeslayer is looking for contact from meh do you see slayer over at AS
"Darin is about 6'4" and the snow is up to his shoulders"

I remember when I was in snow up to my shoulders. Of course, I was in grade school and less than four foot tall. Can't say I've EVER seen that much snow.....covering the chimney, now that would be a bit extreme.
Like top Hopper, I too have shoveled a lot of snow off a roof. Very tiring. Have never come down from a tree to the roof to do it though. To work at it for 6 hours would have killed me.