Rope Wrench/Zigzag


Jul 16, 2016
St. Louis
I've found a couple threads about this combination, but all were a couple years old, right about the time of the zigzag recall. Was wondering if there has been anyone that has used this combination for 1+ years, and what your thoughts on it are? Seems to be pretty legit, just not sure if I would prefer this or just wait until the next version of the rope runner comes out. Still a ways off, other gear I need to pick up first, just thinking ahead of time.

I run a HH and love it, but if I had the money to buy the ZZ RW combo I'd prefer to spend it on a RR or BDB.
Depending on what position the rope wrench is in when the ZZ engages it could see up to the full weight of the climber. With a hitch that would not be an issue as far as life support is concerned but does account for an occasional hard release.
I used it for a few months but no real advantage over a hitch, as with srt on the wrench it's tending the line either with the ascenders, or pulling up manually like a hitch climber setup. With the runner etc. with enough weight under the line you can self tend on limb walks or short ascents.

You don't get the same mechanical device advantage over cordage in srt when the wrench is on, as you do in ddrt.

As long as you set the wrench every time then it seemed safe.
i've run this set up for a while from time to time. a small biner goes in the top hole to attach a tender. i like this alot better than hooking the RW to the top hole, no flop and it makes for a shorter set up. i find that the ZZ, whether DdRT or SRT is the best device for climbing with sappy/ pitchy trees, so that is when i use it. other than that i tend to shy away from it simply because the ZZ is not rated for SRT and in the very unlikely event your RW explodes off your line, in theory the ZZ would not do well shock loaded SRT.
the ZZ is nice in that you never have to worry about hitch binding or inconsistencies, SRT or DdRT. i've gotten it to self tend, SRT & DdRT, using 11.7mm line when there is sufficient rope weight.