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Oct 15, 2006
Chicago NW Burb's
Could someone help me ID this rope? I know its about 5 years old and was used for climbing. The reason I ask is because I'd like to start practicing some splicing and this way I could figure a little more out. I might be able to find some instructions from the manufacturer.

Thanks for your help :)
harder to splice used rope. New rope is slicker and buries easier
Nope not Yellowjacket. I think that one is a Buccaneer ropes product. I'm not certain.
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harder to splice used rope. New rope is slicker and buries easier

Not even worth messing with it then? I am going to have to get some new line anyways since I'd like to make a lanyard.

Oops! It is Neolite from Atlantic Braids.

Thanks a bunch stumper I have been wanting to know this for a long time! :thumbup:
It's neolite indeed. You can tell because neolite is the only 16 strand arborist rope with a braided core. Technically, the rope is not spliceable because the manufacturer cannot or has not made splicing directions FOR that rope.

Used rope has been stretched out, too. That gives you less room inside to work with.

I love rope ID!!! Bring on some more!

HAH!!! Get it?!?!?

Eye? Like an eyesplice???

Thanks, V! You've kind.

FWIW, besides 3 strand, I think 16 strand is the easiest used rope to splice.

Looseness of the braid makes me think it is a high mod line. The sheen/shine of the line makes me think it is a sorta new dyneema or spectra line. Can't tell for sure, but looks to be a low strand count. Maybe 8 strand or 12 strand.

Can I get a close up?

Get you a close up tomorrow.
Its 12 stands I know that much.
Amsteel is made by Samson. It is their dyneema 12 strand. I was thinking it could be a version of that rope. They have another rope that is a dyneema vectran blend called thunder or lightning or something like COULD be that...but this doesn't quite look like a blend.

Top Hopper, do you know what it is? Are you just toying with us?

If it is the rope I think it is, I made the eye splice and it is indeed a Samson product. ;)

Is that rope from the Tramp climb Cuz?
Yes Yes and Yes, I totally forgot about this thread and the close up I promised.

Hang tight!