Rope climbing


More biners!!!
Jul 31, 2005
near Atlanta
I am not sure if this is the right is about climbing, just not the way treeguys usually do least some of it.

Here is some video of some of the climbing methods a group of us practice as part of a training group. This was the end of a pretty long workout on a 95 degree, humid GA morning.

And, Nick, in case you are wondering...that is a very modern type of inch manila. :D

In case the embed does not work (I cannot get it to work):

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Gary, that inverted decent was AWESOME...but let's not kid ourselves sure were breathing hard afterwards :P


10-4 on the breathing...the heat was killing us...or was it the practicing of breathing for the stripper show? :/:
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Here is the latest climbing rope, set up at Alex's house about a week's about 20 feet to the limbs, 30 feet if you want to climb through the leaves...not doing that.

Carl, that is the limb you suggested that I "lighten"...I took a good bit off the end and it is working well for the rope climb..thanks for the tip...still one little dead limb hanging on.


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check these guys out:
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check these guys out:

Hahaha...yep, first thing my wife did when she saw my video was call me over and say, "you think you can climb a rope? check these guys out..." :lol:

So much for ego. Those guys are awesome...lots more time on rope than me.