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Hobby Climber

Hi all,

Just bringing this thread over to MB's new forum. This rope bag project has gone through a few changes over the last several month. All bags are quality built but I'm still tweeking the designe a little to improve even greater stability, durability & practicality.

The new All Blue bags are built similar to the original style with its doubled bottoms and sides half way up the bag but now the vertical seam is located between one of the web handle offering less stress on the stitching when being lifted.

Next, I've changed the bags drawstring cord and am now using chainsaw pull cord,(5' length) for its drawstring. This way if you ever break you saws pull cord while at a job site, you can replace it with the drawstring from This rope bag!

There has been a long delay in making the bags because I was not crazy about that last role of webbing that I purchased,(used to make the handles). Wasn't the right weave and just not stiff enough! Instead of sending it back, I've folded it in half lengthways and use it as a stiffener under the vertical webbing along the bag that formes the handle. This changes the bags shape slightly & makes the bag stand up much better. If I were to use a plastic stiffener instead of the web stifener, over time the plastic would wear a hole in the material,(hard on soft rubbing).

As mentioned above, the new bags are all blue on the outside. To identify my bags from others on the market, the inside bottom will be yellow... Just Because!

The person that I have making the bags, ("The Bag Lady") is now working a full time day job, getting bags made will take a little longer than expected. The high quality of the construction & sewing will stay the same.

At this time, all the new blue 16" bags I have are spoken for but I do have two of the blue & yellow 15" bags and one B & Y 14" bag left. It will be some time in mid to late September before I have more bags to sell. If anyone would like to order a bag(s), just PM me with your name address & Phone Number and we'll go from there.

All bags are $25.00 each + $2 for pack-envelope + shipping,(varies depending on location).

Thanks again to everyone who offered there suggestions in the past in the development of this rope bag .

Check out the pics. HC
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Bob, did some dropping of your bag today outta the crane, it held up quite well. Its the solid blue bag, had 200' of velocity and a Rope Guide in it.

The only thing I say could be added to help the bag in any way was a shoulder strap. In miniapps is when I first noticed a shoulder strap would help.

Bags are holding up GREAT!
I can't believe I hadn't heard of your latest venture...

If you have more give me a pm. :)
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B.B.Squirrels...PM sent!

Carl, cood stuff, was there any stress on any of the stitching? Shoulder strap eh!...could be done, what are your thoughts regarding type of attachment connectors and there location on the bag? HC
The stitching is holding up fine as far as I can tell. I tossed the bag out ahead of me yesterday when the man basket was coming down.

Attachements? CMI's shoulder strap rarely gets in the way, and its a good enough length.... prerhaps sewing on either side would work, although non adjustable. Attaching top to bottom, carrying the bag vertical, IMO.
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I could make the handles longer similar to the CMI bags but owning one, I found that it tends to snag branches more often than if the handles were shorter.
My goal with this bag project was to make a quality bag that will stand up OPEN without all the bells & whistles. Just about anything is possable but that may increase the price. Simplest way would be to add a couple of web loops on the outside of the bag at a strategic location. This way, the owner of the bag has the option to add a shoulder strap if they wish. The shoulder strap could be simply a length of rope tied to the loops or a carabeener could be used or just borrow a regular shoulder strap from an existing gym bag.
I could have them made for the bag but that would change the price to some degree. I'm just trying to keep the bag simple & practical is all.

BTW, a suggestion was made earlier about making the bags with a loop on the inside of the bag near the bottom to attach your rope end to. Simple enough to do without changing the price. Would this be something you guys would like to see? It would be inside of the bag opposit the vertical webbing thats outside so you won't see the stitching. Thought about having it on the bottom but that, over time, may cause it to wear prematurly.
Personally I'm not crazy about the shoulder strap concept but thats just me. As far as the loop inside of the bag, that easy to do and would not take up hardly and material at all or any extra time to make. For those who want a shoulder strap I'll say designe it and I'll get you a price after talking to "The Bag Lady"!

Your thoughts? HC
Hc, Did I understand correctly that you have a couple of smaller bags still? If so I'm interested-if not put me on the order list.
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Still waiting for a couple guy to make a decision who contacted me first. Once I get there answer, I'll let you know if I'll have any left. I'll let you know by Friday this week!

Just PM me your Address and Phone number & I'll get back to at the end of the week. Bob
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Good news, I have 5 bags ready now and another will be ready come Monday,(need to install gromets on #6)!

All 6 bags will be sent out this week by Tuesday so you'll be getting them shortly.

Sorry for the delay but the "Bag Lady" has a full time job & thier taking a while getting made!

I'm going to make a large batch of 10 bags before the end of the year so if anyone in interested, PM me with **Name...Address...& Phone Number** well before then! Thanks. HC
I like your bags but I have been using the mesh bags. They stand up on their own well, are incredibly durable, and have a hard plastic bottom.
The big advantage to me is I can see what rope is in the bag. With as many ropes as I have, it is easy to grab the wrong one in a cloth bag.
Marking the bags is not a good way to go as my ropes change more often than the bags or ropes get put into different bags than they came out of.
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Hi Mr.Frans.

I see your point and for you, with that much rope, using the mesh bag(s) makes the most sence!

The approach I took was more of a practical one. My bags are strong, stand up nicely, and will not get destroyed when Lumberjack (Carl) tosses them out of a crane to the ground while filled with rope! ha ha

There are no hard stiffeners at all in the bag that will cause wear holes over time. Haven't tryed it yet but I'm sure you could crush it into a tight ball & drive over it with a truck and it would be ok. Just give it a shake to re-forme it and its good to go.(I got to try that this week)! Its keeps it shape because of the way its put together...(long story)! Also as a bonus, the draw string I now use is chainsaw pull-cord in case the one on your saw breaks!

The cool mesh bags sell for $46 to $56 depending on size. All my bags are $25each regardles of size. Again...I took the practical & cost effective rout! HC
I would like to be able to buy smaller mesh bags.
Why dont you make me some? :) Say about 12 for an initial order?
A mesh window could be sewn onto the side of the bag, making rope ID easy and the bag would still remain stiff. Plus it would also be totally unique. :)
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A see through window on the bag for rope ID... Interesting. I'll talk to the "Bag Lady" and see what we can come up with! I like that idea!!!;)

Frans, an all mesh bag eh! I'll have to start from scratch and look into the different materials and see whats available...cost etc. Again, I'll ask and see if we can do it! HC
Hobby, this is a most awesome undertaking. As soon as the budget allows, there will be an order coming from moi.
Cool Beans, Laddy!
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You got me thinking ablut mesh bags. This will be a Winter Project for me & I have no idea if it will work or not. I already have a few idea for the designe. I'll be changing the bottom because I don't like that hard plastic. I just have to find a supplier that sells the mesh material and start experimenting with some prototypes.

If you or anyone else can tell me the name & number of a company thats sells that mesh materias, please tell me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Frans, if you have an old mesh bag your no longer using, I could use a sample of that material to try and find a match. If so, let me know & I'll PM you my address.

BTW, do you have preferance regarding the bags dementions or any other ideas??? Please let me know & I'll se what I can come up with.
Hobby Climber, everyone and their brother makes rope bags and have done so for ages.
However only a few make mesh bags. This could be your 'hook' into a great market.
I also dont like the hard plastic bottom.
Sorry dont have a bag thats worn out yet but the mesh should be available somewhere.
So HURRY UP DAMMIT and make some. I'll preorder and pay if you want. I bought the bags through Charly's International Charly Portoroff.
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Hold on to your money for now Frans. Just help me find a place thats sells that mesh material and I can get started. I've been looking but so far nothing yet! I'll call one of my suppliers in Toronto in the morning, it they don't have it, its not available in Canada! In the mean time, I'll keep checking the web! HC
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Thanks for the help. They don't carry that type of material anymore but they did put me in touch with a different company that put me in touch with a distributor that put me in touch with a retaler that can get it from a distributor! #-o

I've called a few different places and ordered with any luck, they'll arrive within a few weeks. Once I find the material I want, I'll order a roll & get started on a prototype. Everything in time eh! HC
You probably know all this and are ahead of me but...
I was thinking maybe (4) 1" stiff webbing strips going up the sides. the opening also 1" webbing. This would help it stand up when empty but also be able to crush down for packing around empty.
The bottom, 1 layer of 1000 denier cordura.
The body, super heavy duty mesh fabric.
Your chain saw pull cord drawstring closure seems like a good idea but I have a few questions:
Have you engineered the pull cord so it can be easily threaded into the bag, even in the field?
How is the pull cord kept tight when the bag is drawn closed?
Usually a type of flat tape cord is used because it will slide easily through the 'tunnel' of fabric at the top of the bag. Also the 'tape' will allow itself to be held firmly in place by any one of the spring type closures.

If you can make a prototype, I know several dealers who, with a little encouragment from me, would consider marketing your invention.
Either way, I am interested in at least 4 bags to start with.
However the size is important to me. I dont want huge bags but bags for climb line 120' and 80' lengths.
I will consider larger bags but I already have 5 or 6 of the buckingham larger mesh bags.
Color is illrelevent to me.