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Aug 5, 2005
Well its almost my one year anniversary since i quit tree and rock climbing.
So i ended my break and went climbing today, onsighted to routes graded stiff 5.10.Not to bad in the heat.I'm sore all over .Arms and hands seem still in shape however legs and toes were suffering badly.:cry:
I'm Back...:|:

How many of you fellows have tried it ?
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How far are you from Austin?
Actually its not that good anyhow.
MB you ouught to give it try when you travel either near me or nobivy.
Or better yet get it on in cali.
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Yeah i hear you MB my travel has become somewhat restricted.
Hey i was just talking to my bro on Brobridge LA you know that place?
When I get asked if I rock climb I always respond with, "It doesn't pay good enough." ;)

Besides, my occupation is my recreation.8)
Did a fair amount back in the 90's. Mostly trad, some sport. Tried my hand at big wall and some alpine rock. I totally sucked at bouldering though.
I climb a lot less rock these days since I have to drive at least 45 minutes to do it. On the other hand, I can walk less than 45 ft and find some sweet trees.
I know what you mean. Access to pretty good rock used to mean a 10 minute or so drive, and another 10 or so minute hike. Now the nearest decent climbing that I know of is about an hour away. I've got white oaks in my yard that will be great for tree technique practice, and there are 5 ~100' redwoods in my mom's yard.

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Hey John i might be leaving this week.
We are still debating cause of the fires.
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Maybe im stinkering about it rt. now price of flights loss of work missing my wife .Yes im a wuss, but she is so dang pretty and nice.
Im about to cut n run haha
Darkstar - a reference to the climb on Temple Crag?

No Bivy - Is that Third Lake in the background? I'm getting deja vu all over again

Jamin - the redwoods are sempervirens, not gigantea. The foliage is thick enough, once you get up to the lower branches, that lead climbing is the way to go.

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Yes Darkstar has done Darkstar .
Of course john what the heck do you take me for.
And sun ribbon it was tasty.
Maybe angle wings tomorrow hahahahaha
I'm 0 for 3 on the east side of the Palisades. Weather got nasty for two attempts on the Swiss Arete, and I came down with the flu at Third Lake on a trip to do the U-notch/North Pal.

I finally made it up North Pal via the gully route from the west side late one October.

If only the Palisades were closer.....

Scott, where are you at? S. sempervirens in the sierra foothills??


I think it's too hot and dry for them there. They are only native on the coast.

Scott, I once drove up under the, what an escarpment! Those were the early '70's, before I climbed rock and mountains. Did an awesome 10 day hike into the high country from the Kern Canyon area, I think it was. Hiked the 21 mile round trip up Whitney.....then moved to Wa and started climbing.