Sep 25, 2006
Vernon, B.C.
Heh a guy from Ramrod just contacted me as I had requested info awhile back off of their website. Denniss someone a rather from their factory. He's giving me really high pressure saying that I can save a bundle of money if we seal a deal before the new year (yah two days). Telling me that I can get nearly ten grand off of the list if I buy one of their 06 machines that have been working around the factory or something? As an example he's quoting me $19,700 for a tracked 25 horse kubota diesel with a hydraulic cooler and standard bucket. Good/bad/ugly what's up. I didn't really want to buy one until I'm rolling steady this spring but he says it will be like 10 to 13 thousand more for the same machine by then. I'm not one to be pressured into a deal and the numbers that he gave me without this 'special year end pricing' seemed really high. I guess what I'm looking for is what are the prices for these ramrod mini-skids tracked/wheel with a diesel.8)
Can't help you regarding prices. As far as high pressure sales goes... its not a deal unless you've done your home work, have the money and need that item right now! You should not need someone to tell you its a great deal, you should know already if its a great deal!

Let the product sell itself.

Just my thoughts.

Nah its not 'Just' a high pressure deal. I'm a Ramrod distributer, and on my last dealer letter they had a bunch of ex factory working stock at great prices. And I do know that the prices are going up soon.

I think list on the tracked diesel is about $27k
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And gave me some great info, thanks again Craig. So I'll probably be smart and upgrade my old chipper before getting myself a fancy brush/log mover. So what about a good log cart.:D

You need one of these before you upgrade your chipper..............:P
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Nice, if you watch instructional DVD's on there can you write it off.:)
I ran that idea past my wife before I bought it on boxing day.................let's just say that she keeps me honest! :)
Why isn't the screen centered up with the pic above it?

It's off by a little bit cause I moved the stand over a little bit because of the wood stove. I guess I should rehang the pic. 60" of screen sure makes watching TV and movies lots of fun. The clarity is unreal. Now I just need a HD sat receiver. Pioneer hit a home run with this plasma screen for sure!
Good for Hockey watchin too! 8) The super bowl party is gonna be at my house this year if I am still in the country.
you watchin the junior hockey yet? next game, sunday at 330 am. and whaddya mean, still in the country, you going somwhere?
roger that. thought you were insinuating a move. cant understand why anyone would leave the promised land (AB), at the moment anyways.
8) The super bowl party is gonna be at my house this year if I am still in the country.

just leave the doors unlocked, we can still watch the superbowl without you.
Hell, we might clean up after ourselves too!:D
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Well talks will resume, but on my terms. A quote of the message that I sent to Ramrod:

Hello, I had inquired nearly a year ago to get pricing and info on a mini-skid. Anyhow the time wasn't right for me then to buy one (despite what the high pressure salesperson who contacted me thought). I am looking for pricing and availability on a 950g. I am not looking for someone to get ahold of me and high pressure me. I make my own decisions. I'm not kidding the salesman was so high pressure that I have been reluctant to contact you guys again, but this is the product that I want. I am spiteful and hotheaded though and if I receive the same sales treatment as last time, there will be no sale I can guarantee that!!!!

Yes see even I am not always a nice guy :evil:
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Ha some days I'd trade 'em no problem. :D

Jk'ing ole Gunth, he's a pain some days but heh he's family now.........I guess.