It's not worth $200, but I would pay 40 or 50 for it AFTER I tried it out. It looks like a cool tool for your box IF it really works efficiently. It's just another version of a wedge, eh?
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It looks like the old school wood splitter they used to put on the drive wheel of a car. 200 is steep though, wonder when the cheap chinese knock off will come out or the Sherrill rip off:P
I've fondled one. Basically it's that old school splitter with a racheting mechanism in the handle.

It could be worth it if you blocked down/throw logs alot more than I do. It's rare I have to pull blocks big enough to require assistance, and also rare for me to need to pull many logs.

Note: You SERIOUSLY don't wanna land on it if you should fall.
It's a screw that all it is, and for treework the taper is too fast. The depictions of falling tops and trees with the device is pure craziness. There's a procduct liability case waiting to be had.
No. 200.00 for that rig or 7.75 for a 7d wedge? I'll stick with my archaic ways. I also wear spurs on removal as well and don't leave stubs. Them fellas just do it a little different.:/:
I agree, Gerry, that fast taper would be no good for anything big.

The 2nd video on the website had me guffawing....It took the guy dang near 5 minutes to make his cuts on a 22 or so inch 12-16 foot trunk--with a 200T. I'd have had a big saw up there, and cut past the center of balance with a deep face, and she'd have tipped right over.....or used a pull line.....or simply pushed it over. I rarely use a rope for vertical sections under 20 feet, if the drop zone is big.

Plus, the guy had dismantled the conifer gaffless, as he had left stubs everywhere. What a clusterflock that coulda been.

Maybe Reg Coates (remember his cumbersome Block driver) will like it....
Knew I'd seen this gimmick somewhere....just a couple days ago, when I was devouring the new Sherril catalog....$229.

It won "Innovation of the Year" award at a 2006 German tree/landscape show.

I object to Sherrills illustration showing a guy pounding a wedge with his hat on sideways, a stupid look on his face and his tongue sticking out.

Essentially calling everyone who uses wedges an idiot.

Is this what Toby really thinks about tree workers? Maybe, especially since he has worked his business into a very lucrative cash source...
Would this be any better? It looks like a spatula, which is kind of is, but you use it as a lever to tip pieces over. You can also use it to pound wedges if you need. 16" long. Weight? Made by Sandvik.


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Yup, bounce, that be the tool to have....Ask wiley, he has one or a similar one...about $50....

try my over 50% face cut trick.....no wedges needed.....or muskels...being as mine are tinier dan da Blasta's.....
Correct me if I'm wrong, but should the deep face cut only be used on pieces that are fairly well balanced? I always thought it would be a bad idea on a leaner.
I think it's best used for tipping over chunks or logs that are fairly straight up and down and balanced, or maybe slightly backleaning. Others may use it differently.
Yeah, that's what I thought. It seems like it might increase the chances of barberchairing if used on a leaner.
Yeah, that's what I thought. It seems like it might increase the chances of barberchairing if used on a leaner.

That's true Sean, as soon as you start the back cut it can get hairy...but to me the biggest problem is it's not hard to pinch your bar going that deep if the tree has much head lean.