Rain just missed me

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Hobby Climber

The weatherman is not so trustworthy in my area so when they called for rain today, I just ignored the warning!

In the morning I went to my service shop and had a new chain made up for my 37" bar. Got a hair cut while in town and came home. After lunch I went up the road to finish a job I started the other day. It was a manitoba maple that the customer just wanted dropped and they were gonna do the clean up themselves.

I finished the job & clean up and was handed a check. Loaded up the truck and as I was pulling out of the driveway, the skys opened up!
Wow, did it come down hard!

You could see the wall of rain comming down the road...very cool.

Talk about your good timming!

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We do have a good number of cottonwood's and willows around here along with manitoba maples!

That bar goes on my Husky 395xp.

Biggest trunk I did was about 6' dbh but most average in the 3'-4' range.

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Yup, still have the day job!

But my passion is tree care & service.

I could easily do the tree thing full time, there is enough trees here for whoever is not afraid of real work!

I don't have to underbid anyone, reputation rules in this area. Haven't had to knock on a door to get work in over 4 years.

I work as much as I want to and that suits me just fine. ...no burn out!

Today alone I finished a simple T/D (before the rain) and pulled 14 crapy cedars (root ball & all) with my truck before dark. Made $1100 for my trouble.

Also got a few lead on some more jobs later in the week!

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Not as much as you'd think Butch,

The maple was a chop-drop-&-walk job and the cedars just had to be pulled out with my truck. About 5 hours total for both jobs.

No clean up with the maple and I have a guy that will haul the cedars away for $200 cash.

At the end of the day, I walk away with $900 less $20 or so for gas!

Not a bad day.