Please review my notches

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Heres some holding wood photos. I learned here at the tree house what bypassing the cut actually means i am searching the notches threads thank you tree housers!. Im sorry I ain't been around much. !!!!Anyway heres the holding wood picks.!!!!
Some of the logs were pulled by 2or 3 grounds men(which I've taught then not to wrap arm round the rope already preventing a source risk of injury to them) and some were pulled by a New Holland 185.5 bobcat plaything.
To me my holding wood looks about right. Even and straight and about the final 1 inch of holding wood is the rule on go no go wood no matter how its pulled. agree disagree.
I'm fresh back to production and dual axer chippers.:thumbup:
They might not be for us to see
They might still be inside the tree.

If they were cut by Mr. B
There might not be a notch to see
There might not be a notch to see
But if 'twas cut by Mr. B
You know there would have to be
A tree go down, a tree, a tree!
Hey, Mr. Extreme, reckon you should be changing your user name to...wait for it.....Notchless!! Sorry, couldn't help's been that sort of day.
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Roger rO, the saw is a 18 or 20 inch bar in some time 30 inch wood?.
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finally the notch
notice my first cut the 12 to7 oclock slant, once I freed the back side (because of bar length) I completed my notch on the right side in one fatal swoop.:) My notch is angled almost X as is evident in the shadow thouw the shadow wood is holding
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I will add I am doubling up on my pull rope for safety. Yes I am haning to rope to pull with because theri old ropes/
I would leave a bit more holding wood, and come up a little higher on the back cut.
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Thank ya bro's any advice appreciated. Whats the difference between shadow wood and light holding wood i.e. as illusstrated.I'm sorry gary should I move this thread I doubt I can

ERRR once I establish a fell direction I often gun a little more. Thou I always kill the saw once the tree is committed because I enkjy the sound effects.
I know the bobcat will apply alot of force I could get away with a 2 inc h holding wood strip
That is a big bite for a notch...


Looks pretty good to me depth wise, pretty close to 1/3 I'd figure. Could have the holding wood a little more even(from the backcut) and maybe a little higher on the backcut I'd agree with. But otherwise looking good imo.


Ok the one looks a little deep and the other looks pretty good I'd say.
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Ill take more pics the helmet cam project may require gorilla glue for attachment
It would appear you're consistently cutting off one side of your holding wood I'd assume the offside. Also that notch definetly looks a tad deep.

Thanks for sharing, always good to think about and analyze notches.
I agree with Justin, Robert. You seem to be cutting off that far side of the holding wood. Not a good thing.
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Pic 4
Thanks again all comment welcome