Sep 2, 2006
MS360 self destruct mode. Can I salvage it? The cylinder looks ok, piston is in pieces. I have no idea what happened. The bearing on the piston seems ok but the sleeve seems a bit worn. Is it worth fixing, shop says 300+.
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a few more. some parts are pretty worn....
Wow... judging by by how there is only one cir-clip layin there... the other one musta come out and grenaded that piston. The jug might be able to be honed out and reused with a new piston and rings. Aftermarket (read: made in china) cylinder/piston kits are cheap (100 bucks) and readily available for that saw.

Doin' a piston and jug is a fairly straightforward venture that even a novice mechanic can do. what the hey... give it a shot!

Looks pretty dry in there (no oil residue). But I'm no expert. I'll just second what Gary said, aftermarket jug-n-piston are very straightforward. Make sure you have the piston facing the right way.
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Al, where are you................????????????:D
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Wow, and here I thought that straight gas would make it go like gangbusters.

I was using mix? The sleeve that holds piston looks/feels worn. Dude at the shop says a piece of the bearing race broke off and stopped the piston dead causing it to pull the bottom off. The bearings all look good, do I need to pull that apart too?
I would take a good look at the bearings, and see if you have a damaged bearing. Which if a piece of race broke off you obliviously do.
See Ya
Anything can be repaired .That thing blew aluminum all over the place.To be on the safe side you should at least split the cases and clean the bearings.If just one tiny little chunk of residue gets caught in a bearing race that thing would come apart like a dollar watch.

I rebuilt an 038 mag II a few years back that had blew a piston,about like that.It wolfed both bearings.

It looks as though that saw either snagged a ring or spit out a circlip,hard to say.Whatever,made a mell of a hess.

If you decide to split it,check the bearings.Put a little side pressure on them and turn.If you feel any snags what so ever ,replace them.You can try and blow them out with air first though.

Worst case scenario is about half the price of a new saw if you replace the piston,cylinder,both bearings and seals,with new parts.On the other hand you might luck out and find a donor saw or good used parts.

If you do find a used piston,don't try using the used rings.Those old rings would have conformed to whatever cylinder they were in.Some times it works but more times than not it's not worth the agrivation.

If it were me,I'd put the parts in a box and wait for a good deal on parts or a donor .

For what it's worth,splitting the cases is not the big deal many think it is.If need be,I'll put the pictures back on from an old thread I started when I rebuilt the 38 mag.

I imagine it would take me 3 maybe 4 hours to rebuild that engine.If it takes a week,what the hell,you aren't going to learn any younger,go for it.
If you are going to fix it up, be smart and do it all!
Crank bearings, seal's, cylinder/piston, carb rebuild(not just the membranes) etc.

There is a reason for this ugly mess, and it could be a bunch of factors combined.

The option to just replace the piston and hope it will go ok for a while is there too.

Parts saw it is right now, and you might find a good runner with busted ignition or something, you never know.

Not easy to say what you should do...