Phantom cell phone vibrations.

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Mike Maas

Do you all get these. It feels like your phone is vibrating in your pocket but there's not a call when you check?
I've heard others complain about this and wondered if its the phone randomly vibrating or one's mind playing tricks.
Nope it's not your mind. It usually happens in the car or around machinery right? The vibrator motor is sensitive to sympathetic vibrations. It acts like a tuning fork and when other machinery around, or a the road, or any number of other things is vibrating at the correct harmonic, it induces vibrations in the phone.
I get it. I text, ALOT (like 300 to 500/month as my carrier doesnt do per second billing and I connect with people for silly little questions via txt vs voice), I get the phantom vibrations when sometimes I dont even have my phone on me. I read an article about it somewhere, becoming a phenomenon of sorts.
No I'm usually in a bank at that point, up to my shoulders in a dirty machine. The last thing I have time for is to answer the phone, so I'm a bad employee and set it to vibrate, and answer them all when I am done.
I wear my phone on my belt loop. I have a spastic colon and my intestines are rumbling all the time. To make matters worse I use Motorola phones, the ones with the neato buttons on the side that at will change the ring setting for you!!
I am checking it constantly!! Most times it just a rumbling, but you never know!!!
Andy, have you/do you use Metamucil? I'm thinking no.

I've tried it, as well as other fiber supliments, just can't get past the taste.
I've tried the "softners" as well, and, all did not go well there!!!
I've been using FiberCon with some success of late.
ok, from cell phone vibes to metamucil? thats about the biggest derail in a long time!