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gf beranek

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Apr 18, 2007
God's country, North Coast
You may have already seen this. I don't know if all these are actual carvings. Rather attached carvings. Don't know.


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Yup, I've been there. It IS very cool, even though it's not a real tree. The Swiss Family Robinson treehouse is pretty amazing too.


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Its in Disneys "Animal Kingdom" in Orlando. Pretty cool to see in real life, betcha it would be a fun climb too....:D
It might be nice to see if you didn't have to drive in Orlando .Those people are nuts,drive like they don't have good sense :(

I don't know how Brian puts up with it because it only took me about 15 minutes of that nonsense before I was about to show a few of them the midwest Kiwi stomp .