Oklahoma Arborist Supply - Out of Business (final sale)...

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Hobby Climber

Hi all,

For those who never heard on Oklahoma Arborist Supply, its owned & operated independently by Dave Starks who is also a working arborist.

After advertising at "AS" for a number of years and trying to competing with Sherrill, that along with everyone looking for "the lowest price" at the trade shows, Dave decided to call it quits with his arbo sup biz!

That said, he is getting rid of what ever inventory he has left at a very fair price(s). There isn't much left but he does have one less Ibuke replacement blade & scabbard recently purchased by myself!

I'm expecting him to make an appearance here within the next several days or so. He'll likely provide a proper list of what he has left. I do know there are a bunch of Fanno saws and a variety of scabbards along with some rope and a 6" long friction saver w/aluminum rings etc!

Dave's a good guy and has tried to offer stuff at a better price that say Sherrill who has a "match anyones price" policy, its hard to turn a profit! Its just another way for them to get rid of the competition so they can jack up their prices!:X I guess thats just business!

Dave now makes his living as a full time arborist and welcomes your calls about the equipment he has left. ;)

He can be contacted at the address bellow:

Dave Starks (Oklahoma Arborist Supply - no longer in business)
3007 Eagle Lane

Ph.# (580) 402 - 8733


That's cool. Dave is a decent guy, I even bought a saddle from him a few years ago. But he knows where the Treehouse is and he's chosen not to participate here.
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Brian, I mentioned that to him and he said he was a member here during the earlier version of the TreeHouse but like some, lost interest before it got off the ground and all the bugs have been worked out!

He was a sponsor at AS and had to hang there for obvious reasons. He's now fed up with Daren & the rest of that lot over there and now hangs out at Tree Buzz. Thats where I found out he had closed up shop ... thought you guys might be interested, thats why I posted here.

Thats all,

Very good guy....I've stayed at his house. Twice. We set up a pulley system for his kids to climb with and made this crazy rig to suspend a cot in the tree.

He was fighting a major uphill battle going against Sherrill and company, and being a one man show, he did a hell of a job. But I can attest and I know we can all understand how much manufacturers would rather sell to a big retailer, rather than to a bunch of small little companies here and there.

Dave, what do you have left?

Gosh, I am surprised he has anything left. I will have to give him a call. Better yet, Dave, do you have any other Silky blades left?
IMO price matching is inherently dishonest. Give me your lowest price, don't make me ask for it.

That is why I bought a rope from Dave in the past.
After advertising at "AS" for a number of years and trying to competing with Sherrill, that along with everyone looking for "the lowest price" at the trade shows, Dave decided to call it quits with his arbo sup biz!

you got that right about sherrill--i bought some tree spikes for a pair of kleins--talk about getting ripped!!!!!!!!!! never again--
I also don't like "will match competitor's lowest price" policy. I just buy from the one who has the balls to list their price. I generally purchase stuff from Wesspur and have also bought stuff from Dave Starks. I've known Tobe Sherrill since 1989 and he has even GIVEN me stuff from his booth at the shows. I like Tobe, but some of their prices are higher than a lot of other places.
I also don't like "will match competitor's lowest price" policy...

... I like Tobe, but some of their prices are higher than a lot of other places.

I thought they also had a price match policy, no?
still dont like it. ive had people say so and so bid 100 bucks can you match it? friend or foe i tell em this is my price to do you job
Sherrill will match the price of any competitor, but if Bishop, Wesspur and a few others can sell and advertise the same item for cheaper, why is their price higher to begin with? It is not like you are selling a service that requires skill and you may have to pay more for greater skill. Whether I buy rope, saddle or anything else, the same make and model will be exactly the same from whomever I buy if from.
I believe i saw someone from sherrill address their higher prices once and he said something along these lines. Or this is how i understood it. (in my own words)

"Take for example you go out and bid a job the next guy comes in knowing what you bid and underbids you by a 100 bucks. The customer askes why are you 100 more?

Sherrill comes out with the newest and latest equipment first, competators see the price and drop their prices by a couple bucks, now were saying how come sherrill's prices are higher?"

We want them to have the latest and best equipment out there, and when they supply this for us they set the price and what they think its worth. Other company's "underbid" them by a couple bucks and then we complain. You could argue that we should be buying from them (sherrill) to support the newest and latest technology advances that they bring us.

That being said though, i buy from wesspur. Not necessarily for their lower prices but mostly for their costomer service, i think they are the best in that aspect. They always answer my question get back to me right away and I have yet to have a problem when ordering from them. I like supporiting the underdogs and will pay more for great costumer service.

p.s. i was just playing devils advicit above with the sherrill thing, but i did see a representative spell it out that way once.
Welcome to the Treehouse Countryboy.:thumbup:

FWIW I deal with Wesspur too. There's a guy there Sean who's a bit of a pain in the ass but I still deal with them anyways ;)

:P :lol:
The internet has made shopping for things that are not common place,such as arborist type stuff very easy.With that situation the possiblity of lower prices do come into play.I had a local saw shop for example tell me that Baileys can sell a loop of chain cheaper than he can buy it in bulk,even with the shipping charges.I found out later he often ordered chains from Baileys and just added a buck or two for a little profit.Sometimes ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

I'm sure this makes it a little tough to do business for the little guy.Let's face it though ,it's a dog eat dog world,just the way it is.
Hey guys, Thanks to all those here that have made purchases in the past. I do appreciate the business and support.

Why did I shut down? Well, I used to work for a tree serv when I started the Arbo biz. I did both until July 05 when I quit the tree serv and started my own. I became so busy w/ the tree work, I really didnt have time to do both. I never really made any money in the arbo supply biz so in 06, I started slowing it down. Not doing any advertising. In early 07, I stopped my ads at AS. I had considered keeping a lot of it for myself, but I had way too much of certain things and they would probably rot before Id use them all up. I went to they MW Isa conf last winter and got rid of a lot. Now, getting tired of looking at the rest. Its time for it to go too.

I dont have a current count of everything thats left. I will though go out tonite and count things and put up another post.
sounds good Okie, lets have a look at that list, I bet you will find some buyers here.
And Welcome to the treehouse! :)