Ok, NoCal...

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I think it is a very pretty area. It is a little off the beaten track. I have been camping up there but have never done tree work there. Check out lake Pillsbury while you are there. Good luck with the move.
Nice, Clearlake is mellow.

What town are you looking at? What side, North or South?
There is a bit of a difference.

I've done a bit of work up there.

Hot as Heck in the summer.

Mendo Forest is awesome.
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:love: Love you guys.

Less that five minutes and three or more replies!

You all are the bomb.
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Back on topic....

I'm right outside of the city of Clearlake on some point north of the city. (On the water!)
Clearlake has the dubious distinction of being the meth addict capital of Calif.

Their are nice areas, but for some reason the few climbers who I know all come down here for work.

Clearlake was the place of a mercury mine long ago. Dont know if the lake is still contaminated or not..

Sorry to be so negative. I do have some friends who moved there and they are nice folks who own horses and have a stable.
I just dont think it is a place to try and do tree work as a living.
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What you don't like Meth?

Seriously though, I'm going back to trees on the side I am tired of the feast/famine way of life. Plus like I said the wife has money now so I'm a kept man.
Just lock your stuff away and buy in a better area of ClearLake.

I wish I was a kept man, but my wife is still expecting me to keep her in comfort and style!
Looks like a beautiful area! The housing market looks good as well. When are you moving? I still can't believe you would leave Hawaii.

EDIT: Meth capital?
Though there were once mercury mines in the area the mercury content in the lake is au-natural from the volcano, Konocti. My understanding anyway.

Meth capital? I though Willets was. It is bad though, everywhere.
Welcome! I have just driven through there a couple of times and I thought the area was really nice. Beautiful Oak rolling hills if I remember correctly.
Mark, I spent every summer in Nice (clear lake) growing up. My grandparents had a trailer there on the highway and sold antiques through a small shop. Just hearing about clear lake makes me nostalgic, great place for a boy to grow up... the lake and country and clean air... my brother and I would build tree forts and go fishing before dinner, then go to church on Sunday mornings. That kind of place when I was there.

However, as I got older I realized it can be a bit depressing there, maybe the whole meth scene (which is big there). It's a ton cheaper and you can get as rural as you like. Try it out, and if you love it most people stay there for the rest of their lives. Good luck!

As far as the tree work scene goes, I only know of one guy there who I worked with through Pacific Tree Care last summer. He has one truck and a chipper and seems at first sight like a renegade tree guy. No PPE and long hair, pretty clasic character. Anyway, he got up in the tree and was making perfect pruning cuts and did a great job, I loved the contrast! Check out Pacific Tree Care in Calistoga, pretty good company and might make more sense to make the commute and work in Calistoga rather than working for low wages in Lake County (which I am sure you can't make a whole lot up there, tree care isn't on the top of people's priority list I would imagine).

Pacific Tree Care was seriously robbed by a meth head living in Lake County.

It is a beautiful area tho.
Did anyone mention the mutated rogue alligator that lives in the lake and feasts on small children?

When I worked for a tree service in Santa Rosa, the Foreman of that crew lived up in Clear Lake. He was as sweet and easy to get along with as the Court mandated anger management classes could make him and hadn't driven down to San Fran to beat up gay people on a Friday night for some time. I wonder if he still lives there? Nah, he's probably moved to Soledad or Pelican Bay.
Clearlake is famous in bowhunting circles as they have a big contest to shoot junk fish with bow and arrows once a year there.