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Hey All,
Just a post to link new video, other formats available here.

The description I've been posting with the links is
I've cut together a very short edit of 1 of 3 trees we did last year, on a job in grants picnic ground.
(it was actually four if you include the pre-job tree).

Due to being a very busy tourist area, the job had to be done as quickly as possible, remain open and also have minimal interference with traffic.

The solution was to get to the job well before peak hour traffic, and pre-rig and cut all the major branches from a tower (180').
This meant that when the crane and chipper arrived, the crane only had to setup once, and there was no lost time in cutting branches.
The chipper backed straight up into the lowering section, and branches could be lowered with the crane straight to the chipper.

Since the heads were already cut and statically hanging, there was no need to stop traffic again.

As the larger wood starts to come down, chipper is moved and log truck is loaded with right next to crane.

Everybody was off the job by 3pm, thus missing the end of school peak and the next wave of tourist buses.

The dark start of the video is at about 5am, Graeme had another tree about 100m away that also needed to be done, and since the travel tower was all he needed to do it, he did that before he went and pre-rigged the other three trees.

Hopefully you find it interesting

Excellent work and great video, Angus. Thanks for sharing it. That tree looked pretty unusual with all of it's branches still attached but upside down.