New Forum... Tree Fallin' Cuttin' Wood Techniques?


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Nov 13, 2005
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Just thinkin' out loud here Butch...

...but there are times I go to look back at some threads on fallin' techniques, and general cuttin' questions... using the search sometimes helps... but...

What about a new forum right between the "Climbing" and "Gear" forums that has to do with basically anything related to working with the actual wood cuttin' and fallin' techniques...

When questions about cuttin' and fallin' get asked in the "Climbing" forum... I sometimes go for awhile and don't see them because i don't peruse the climbing area as much. I know there are other 'Housers that are not climbers... but cutters and fallers, and general saw guys.

This might help out to separate the actual technical questions about wood and cuttin' and fallin' techniques from the climbing portion of your site.

Like I said... just thinkin' out loud... :)

I think it's a good idea. It might help encourage a bit more technical discussion. We have over a dozen sub forums here but only 5 are targeted towards work discussions.
Morning Wood....I do realy like Garys idea though. I know we don't want to mess the board up to much but gary does bring up a good point.

Not all of us are tree climbers/arborists in the true sense of the word but do work in the woods or do residential takedowns. Most of my take downs are precision drops and done mostly with a hoe as well as a chainsaw or both. There are alot of home owners here that are just probably short of being professional and maybe some pro advice would help there too.

While I do read what is posted in the other threads, myself I am outclassed and short of a well written piece am even miffed as to some of the terminoligy. I like nicks splicing thread but don't use it.

Just another opinion from your resident expert on everything I know about.
Everything that's been presented could be a stickied thread in the Climbing Forum.

Has anyone seen the forums page at AS lately? THAT is what I DON'T ours to look like.
Sub forum's??

One main forum for all tre related and sub for the diffrent special's..

Yup, AS looks frightning... It is all commersials and sponsor
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Everything that's been presented could be a stickied thread in the Climbing Forum.

Has anyone seen the forums page at AS lately? THAT is what I DON'T ours to look like.

That is what I want to avoid too... waaaaayyyyy too many seperate forums there. A PITA to navigate through sometimes.

But... technical falling and wood cutting are a lot different from climbing.

Climbing and rigging aloft and such belong together. Even some of the techniques used with a saw while climbing could be put in a different forum.

Climbing and Rigging= your technical climbing and rope stuff aloft. Also crane work.

General Saw Work= Technical fallin', cuttin', saw safety issues, wood compression and contraction, ground rigging...

Chainsaws = Anything related to the chainsaw itself... Saw related problems, maintaining and fixing them, chain sharpening, bar maintenance, hot saws, collecting, firewood cuttin'...

Like I said mang... I don't wanna clutter up your forum. Just thought about a suggestion that could make it a little easier to find stuff. A sticky wouldn't do it.

If you took all the threads out of the climbing forum and Chanisaw forum that have to do with actual technical cuttin' and fallin'... you would already have a forum with about 25 - 30 posts already in it.

A good examnple is Bounce's thread about fallin' trees on a steep hillside. No climbing involved... just a lot of technical cuttin'. There was some rope work... but it was ground related.

I don't remember the actual thread... but the one where I drew a diagram of the Coos Bay Cut after Burnham and Jerry explained it. It is lost in the Climbing forum somewhere... it would be very happy in a General Saw Work type forum.

:) :) :)

If you have a forum about cutting and faling, won't that attract all the loggers? It's bad enough with all the climbers cluttering up my nice little accounting forum, but to add the loggers too?