Need advice on home/ well contract


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Aug 5, 2005
I bought a awesome new home and closed on it november 14th 2007.
On october 3rd we had written up a contract to buy with 1000.00 ernest money.
It stated that the the following stupulations were to be met .
Number one says," The well shall provide clean drinking water fit for human consumption and adequate supply for personal use."
Number two, Was "a one year builder warrenty.It is a new home.
Number 3 was "fix the trim and that is all."
Anyhow we have loved this new home but this entire time the well has given us problems which i have documented .
It has a 4500.00 filteration system on it, that just dont work.
The filter people are here every week ,once a week, and they adjust something and nothing happens.
The builder apprently may or may not have installed back wash valves in the well.
The well digger was kinda pissed that he did not get to both dig the well but also place a pump and filter the water.
My builder was trying to save a buck.
So anyhow its been almost four months since we sighned the to buy contract.
I did obviously buy the home and the water was clear for the week in which we first aquired it.
The builder thinks he might dig a new well.
Im not really sure but its beganning to get really old.My wife showers at YMCA
Ive had alot of paitence but im wondering if its time for some legal counsel.
What do you guys think?
I had to call the builder just to give him his on well diggers phone number.
He responsive and nice but really really slow.
Here is a pic of the water we deal with on a weekly basis.
Sometimes it will clear up to a lemonade looking stuff and several times it was clear for almost a week.
any advice appreciated.
I paid 325,000 for it which is what it appraised for.
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Water pics

Here are some pics of water we deal with every week .
right now its like dirty lemonade which is good.


  • water january 12 2008 1pm 004.jpg
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What is the GPM flow, did they hit some kinda artisan thing that stirs up sediment? Lawyer might help speed the process up?
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Its a standerd 270 foot deep well with 8 inch pipe starting out then going to six inches.Pump is supposedly set 20 feet off bottom and good water was suposedly hit at 180 feet.I dont know what the back wash valves are, but the digger told me if they were not in place, i would have trouble forever.He dont seem to keen to come out since he didnt get to do the complete install ,but he says maybe this week.
The builder cant remember where or if he put in these valves.The filter system is supposedly the best there is ,but its overwhelmed when it rains.
Then its really hard to fix it and get it filtering back properly which it does after about 3 days.
This sux....
Im going to ask my title attorny what he thinks tomorrow.
I dont want to start some legal BS but i do need to know my options ,,,if any.
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I have spent hundreds of hours back washing and regenerating the filters.
Its like a revolving circus good water bad water.
I think the builder should get off his ass and haver it fixed.
What do yall think ?
Buncha Crap if you ask me.

I think you've been more than accomadating with this builder.

I'd bring in the lawyer and get a new free well dug with a new filter and pump.

As well as money you've spent to deal with this builder.

Picture reminds me of the water we had in South Carolina.

Kinda smells too.

Good Luck Dark, Wish you the best.
That is just plain unacceptable. It sounds like the builder is just stalling, hoping you'll give up and hire someone else to fix it. You need to get a lawyer to light a fire under this guys arse. That should have been fixed before you even moved in. How did they issue a C.O. with water like that? Yuk!
wow my first thought was old house and old plumbing, looks like my grampas place with 50 year old plumbing! definatly not acceptable, theyll be buying you a new jet tub before long to!
That is iron bacteria, and it's a pretty bad case, too. You can filter it, but almost certainly need a chlorine treatment system too.

It's very likely that a new well will not solve the problem...most likely the new one will tap into the same aquifer vein and it'll have high iron and iron bacteria, too.
That is iron bacteria, and it's a pretty bad case, too. You can filter it, but almost certainly need a chlorine treatment system too.

It's very likely that a new well will not solve the problem...most likely the new one will tap into the same aquifer vein and it'll have high iron and iron bacteria, too.
My take also,iron lots of it.

MacClean[Cuno] makes several types of iron filters,one the "Chem free " just back washs a green sand filter.They work on most types of iron.I have same and have 4.5 pts per million of bacterial iron,which is high.

Another type uses potasium permanginate in addition to the high velocity back flush.It works on stubborn cases.

Another little trick is to add about two cap fulls of super iron out or red-out per bag when you dump salt into your softner.

Bacterial iron is aerobically activated.In other words after the water is oxegenated the actual iron absorbing bateria die and thus gives you that nice rusty chit in the water.

The way the "chem free" filter works is to oxegenate the water first then filter out the iron particles after the fact but before it gets in your system.

Another idea is to "shock" the well with high powered swimming pool bleach .This helps but be carefull because until the well is flushed this stuff will chemicaly burn you.

Even after you get the well clear it will take a few days before you get the residue out of the plumbing.

All that aside weather you paid 20 grand or 300 thou if they guarenteed the water,it's their baby. I'm sure a good attorney could make that fact quite clear to them,cyrstal clear,like the water should be.
Never heard of iron bacteria sounds like it will be a royal PITA to fix, correct, and live with. I grew up with a well. We had 'hard water', but it tasted so good compared to city water.

"The builder apparently may or may not have installed back wash valves in the well." That sure sounds like a load of BS.

I lived w/o a water source for a few years. We had a cistern and trucked the water in and prayed for rain. I HATED it. I never would drink it. Showers were always quick. Not something I'd like to do again.

City water is not available? This definitely sounds like a legal issue.
I don't know what it is, but ain't none of it right!!!!!
I would consult an attorney, then I would call another company, that specializes in this and get a quote to fix it right!
Call the builder "I haveconsulted leagal counsel, and I have found a company that WILL fix it right, the cost is this, and as you have been unable to fulfill you're part of the contract. This company will fix it, and I will send you the bill when it's done. Thank you and have a good day!" Then hang up.
He will be beating on you're door the next am with everything he has to fix it!!!
It sucks, but you have to play these stupid games to get anything done nowdays!
I'm thinking the builder is playing a game with you. It's like the staring game where you see who can play the longest without giving up. If this has been going on for a while, and you've been patient (but documenting things all along) it's time to step it up. I could see using the YMCA for a week or so, but months? No way.

I know a lawyer would rightfully support getting your off-site living fees paid for. You bought a house and you can't drink the water or do laundry or take a shower? You can't live there.

They need to move fast on this. It's like buying a lambourghini and find out that you can't get it out of 3rd gear. You can still use it...sorta.

I would start by sending a certified letter to the builder stating the prob and asking how how expects to resolve it. If it seems reasonable, I would allow that to play out. If it doesn't work, it's time to lawyer-up.

Get a lawyer. The builder's gonna be amiable and slow until your warranty is up or he is out of business. get in line with your hand out.