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Mar 24, 2006
Work has been nuts!! This is the first kinda sorta full weekend I have been off in five weeks. I was on-call until 4am this morning, got called back in at 6:30pm last night after I got off at 2pm. I am on call tomorrow from 3pm until 8pm. Yesterday was the third time I got called in last week, not including having to stay late. I won't even go into what my big boss did to "upset" me Wednesday. BUT, the checks are HUGE, and they don't bounce as well as come once a week.
Anyway, my buddy that I do firewood with had a new plan. He works for Borden delivering milk, and he is not really happy either, so he has a plan/idea. (Start laughing now Dave, you know this gig!!)
He has been approached by a guy that owns "the largest tree service in the area" ( I can't prove or disprove this at this time) and wants to sell it to "the right people" and would be willing to "work out the financing with the right people". Now my buddy, he really means well, and he is great with numbers, but lacks any people skills. I have been a supervisor several times in machine shops, I get stressed out, cranky, and don't manage people that well, and I know that. He is also lacksidaisy with taking care of debts on occasion.
He thinks this is just the opportunity of a lifetime, we just need to jump on it right now!!!! I think he needs to take lying leap and I have no desire to jump on to this!!!
One thing I have learned, friends and family, when it comes to business, will screw you first!!!!:lol:
Ya got that right I've seen it to many times. Checks that don't bounce are always a good thing.
There's no money in firewood. You will be buying a crappy paying job is all. You're already making far more money than you would delivering wood.

Think about it. Think of the local guys who split and deliver firewood for a living. Do they impress you as successful, wealthy businessmen? And if so, what else do they do besides deliver firewood in order to earn that income?

If the firewood gig was so good, why would the tree guy be trying to pawn it off on some gullible guy with a pickup truck?
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No Brian, I have been doing firewood for years with my buddy, the other guy wants to sell the tree service, lock stock and barrel.
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Missed that one, sorry!!!

But I have a feling I would get burned pretty good:lol:
Keep running away Andy.

If you are trying to sell your tree biz and can get something for it -more power to you. In truth very few tree services have locked up ongoing service contracts. A tree biz is worth the actual value of its equipment. Good names take a long time to earn and a short while to trash-they are valuable if you have one of your own but are pretty tough to own after buying. Client list? Hahahahahaha.
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Yeah, it's no different than the guy with the dirt work/concrete biz that he wanted to sell to me. Al for only $140k. If memory serves, he had at best $60k in equipment.
The rest was "blue sky", sure he had clients, but no running contracts.
Again, I think I will have to pass!!! And my buddies less than spectacular past track record, yeah, I'm ready to jump all over it!!