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Navarro Redwoods 9/28

gf beranek

Old Schooler
Apr 18, 2007
God's country, North Coast
Terri and I went to breakfast this morning at the Navarro Grange Hall, and right after we hit a few spots along the river flats to make sure we didn't leave any trees or stumps un-noticed. Low and behold we captured a few stragglers that tried to evade us.

Found a rare breed of redwood. You'll see it, the skinny one. The limbs grow down instead of outward. Such redwoods are almost impossible to climb.

Also found a White fir on the flats. Very rare to see any at all.

And then the usual stumps and clumps and fine second growth trees that abound. And a very large leaning residual. Still have 4 miles left to hike. No telling what we'll find. Enjoy!


The Tree House Loves TreeStuff!