My Omlette's Too Big!!!


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Mar 6, 2005
I just had to revive this thread!!!


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To each his own I guess. I never understood drinking diet colas or eating something like eggbeaters.

Just get some eggs from a place where you know the chickens are raised without any junk and have some eggs. Just don't eat them all the time and you will be fine. IMO
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That's just it, Frans - I do eat eggs all the time, every morning for the most part. And 2 or 3 egg yolks a week is all that is safely recommended. I eat about 1/2 dozen egg whites at a time, about like the pic shown.

Frans, don't you know anything about cholesterol and yolks?
Mmmmmm, egg yolks!

Dont ya miss the days of breaking open a runny yolk and dredging it up with some over buttered toast?
Frans, don't you know anything about cholesterol and yolks?

Honestly, no.

I eat eggs maybe once or twice a week. Mixed in french toast and sometimes I will have a soft boiled egg or fried egg. My friend supplies us with a dozen eggs from his chickens and it can take three weeks to a month to eat them all.

Is this amount bad for me?

Guess I gotta do some googling....
It's not necessarily what we eat than it is where our genes come from.

I've known many old farts past their 80's and 90's that grew up eating a pound of bacon and eggs for breakfast, worked hard all day in the woods, and then drank whiskey in the evenings. Long before diet and nutrition experts came about, and modern drugs.

Nice omelett! eat hearty!
I haven't eaten an egg yolk in years....except if it's baked into something. How's your cholesterol doing, Butch? I go in for a 'stress test' next week. how fun. not.
You guys are freaking me out. I gotta go and get a test now. Two weeks until my next appointment is available.
I hope I am not one of those guys who goes to the doc. and he says its all over...
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It's good to see a doc at least once a year for some bloodwork, at the very least.
I'd rather not know. If I keel over dead tomorrow, then it's been a great ride and I'd go without any regrets. In the meantime I'm ok with blissfull ignorance.

But more than likely I'll end up like Jerry's logger buddies, the ones who eat and drink whatever they want and live till they're 90.
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Not me. The VA checks me out twice a year and that's fine by me. They gave me a free colonoscopy where I was OK, and that's fine by me, too. When the doc tells me I'm gonna have a heart attack/stroke or die at anytime because of my high BP, and there's something I can do about it, BELIEVE ME I'm gonna listen to the man.

Dropping dead anytime soon isn't something I wanna do, at least not just yet.

Ya'll just wanna die and not fight back? Frig that. I'm going kicking and screaming.
we just want to enjoy life till its over. who wants to worry about dying for months or years on end cause the doc said your sick. may change my mind someday but for now