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Hobby Climber

Took my two girls (ages 9 & 14) to a local Rec Center to see if they wanted climb.

They jumped at the chance!!!

Enjoy the pics...8)



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Here's my youngest gal in action. What a little hot-dog!!!

BTW, thats a 40"+
wall she's on.


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"Belay on !"
That's really good stuff, Bob. Do the girls get along as well as it looks in the pix ? Unusual.
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"Belay on !"
That's really good stuff, Bob. Do the girls get along as well as it looks in the pix ? Unusual.
-- ----------

If they stay active (and away from the TV set), they'll working together and become creative with their time. If left alone with lots of time on their hands, ...well...thats when the trouble happens.

Oh they still argue, make no mistake, and I let them. As long as its on topic and not just words of meanness twards each other. The point I make is to argue about the issue , NOT the person! Thats the hard part but it seems to be working...most the time!



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cool pics there HC, my daughter wants to have ago on a rock wall after i got her up a tree the other week for a bit of fun:D


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Cool pics take umm back and get those girls in climbing shoes.
Its kinda ,like doing a pine take down without spikes.
Well not that bad anyhow i bet their forarms were sore.
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And the best part is that its in doors! So ya know where I'll be this winter with them!

The youngest wants to climb trees with me but her older sister isn't so keen on the idea.

My 5 year old wants his own gaffs etc. I have an old set that just needs some adjustment with a welder. He wants to learn how to climb etc. I cant wait to get him set up. Personally, I think he will be more the equipment operator of the family, he dont like heights.. LOL But they will be all ready for his little brother that is totally into heights and such. I love starting them out early :)
Love seeing your girls taking to it. They looked like they were having a GREAT time. Seems like a good bonding time for all of you too :)
Cool pics and a fun time for sure.

What's the little colored flags for on the hand/foot holds?
Climbing like that is such a huge confidence builder for kids. The feeling of overcoming your fear and doing something fun in spite of it is a big deal in a kids life. I used to work as a ropes course facilitator at a summer camp and just loved how the shiest and most introverted kids would be totally transformed by this kind of experience.
I think every tree climber should go rockclimbing at least once.
For one thing they will automatically be better than most
And certainly comforatable with the heights.
Plus they could pick up a trick or two and vice versa.
I can't get over how rockclimbers climb in shorts with no knee protection. One would think that climbing like that would tear their bare legs up.