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Hobby Climber

Well my buddy & I have been waiting for some good riding weather for some time now. With all this cool & wet weather we've been getting lately, I was wondering if summer would ever get here!

We were going to try for an early breakfast run today but a customer
wanted to pay for job I did last week. Who am I to argue with him:D!!!

So after squaring up the account and filling my bikes gas tank, I headed up the road to my buddy Jims place some 30 kms away. From his house we took the lake road along Lake Erie and headed east.

This had to be one of the best weather days all summer!!! Light breze, blue skys, sunny and very few cars!

We road by where they are installing VERY BIG wind mills to harness the winds energy! I'll try to get some of the pics that Jim took & post them later. There were about 13 up so far & I here there will be something like 50 build once done. Did I mention they were VERY BIG!!!

The roads we took were in great condition with a variety of turns with a few gentel hills. A very relaxing ride to say the least.

We ended up in a the town of Blenham Ontario were we had a late lunch. None to soon because my butt was no likeing my bikes saddle to well by this point, :whine:!

On the way back home to Amherstburg, we were ridding into the sun and it was fine. Once home I noticed my face was feeling kinda tight. I figured it was just the wind...and a few bugs as well. First thing my daughter said was, " dad, your face is all pink"! Then I realized what it was...sun burn in the making!

Because of all the overcast, wet & cool weather we've had lately, I totaly forgot about the possability of sun burn. But ya know what...I don't care because it was a great ride with a good friend!

So your worst! 8)

We ended up traveling over 300 kms today & I plan on doing this again soon!


Sounds like a great day, Bob. :) And I've seen some of those windmills. On my trip to deliver the bucket truck to Justin I saw a herd of them in western Oklahoma. You're right, they are HUGE! I think there's pictures in the 'bucket truck for sale' thread.
We have tons of windmills here. For those that haven't seen them, when they haul the parts for assembly one blade gets hauled on a super bee trailer and it hangs of the back about 15 feet.

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Bike it what you want.

I look at it this way:
For every $25 in gas that I put in my bikes tank, I save about $100 by NOT having to fill the tank of my 4X4 Blazer with a 350!!!

They both go about the same distance on a full tank of gas but the bike IS much more fun!;)

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Thats them Ben,

Just the upper housing "hub" is a little different shape on the ones I saw today.

Its difficult to see just how BIG these things are until your standing next to one of them!

In Columbus Ohio about a week ago I saw just one blade from one of those windmills on a 90 foot press hauler .It covered the whole trailer .
I got bike fever too, bout to pick up a SV650 this weekend