Making a Whoopie Sling ***VIDEO***


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Mar 30, 2005
Snowless California
A video about making whoopie?

I'm still trying to figure out how to embed from this other website, but for now this'll work.

Whoopie Vid

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Hot Dog, Very informative.

Hat's off.

I think I could definetly find use for one of those.

note: This is actually a transmission from Deva and not Brian.
Yes I could see the warnings and the side bar information clearly.
Loved the presentation. Good Job.
Nice vid, makes me want to go make one! Unfortunately I have so many slings I don't know what to do with. That's what happens when 600' of 1/2" and 3/4" Tenex are at hand!
Great video Nick! You've got the expert's touch for sure.

I was surprised that the adjustable eye part of the whoopie is just a cross over, logically I'm curious how the eye stays put when force is applied?

It works! Made this to use as a footstrap for the ascender, SRT.

Maybe a loopie vid would be next! :)



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A general question about tapers...

I noticed you didn't really measure out exactly how much rope is left after you cut the 3rd pair of strands. Does the amount of rope after the taper contribute to the holding strength of the splice? Or is it just the taper itself that contributes the strength?

Maybe I missed it, but I don't think the measurement was explained/demonstrated.

Just curious.

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You're right- I didn't specify that part in the vid. Part of the reason is that when doing the locked brummel, the brummel is the splice, so you just have to have enough tail buried to keep the tail from unraveling inside the rope.

When possible, I do a tail that is a fid length long. Leave a long fid uncut and a short fid tapered.

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Yep. But the jury is out. Some companies say with a locked brummel you can do a TINY tail (just a short fid) and some say even with the locked brummel you should still do the full tail (TWO fid lengths)

I split the difference.

When splicing for my own personal stuff (not to sell) I don't hesitate to put a shorter tail on things.

Since you mentioned using it for anchoring a port-a-wrap, would it also be appropriate for anchoring the upper pulley as well?

As for the quality of the video instructions, consider that I've never spliced anything more than hollow polypropelene, and I'd feel confident making one of these.

Can someone recommend a reasonable source for non-bulk quantities of yalex or tenex? I have some non-tree uses where spliced eyes would make things a lot cleaner, and this looks like just the ticket.