Long but light branch equals big excitement for a newb

Good learning!
It's good that you're taking on things that challenge you to learn, while mitigating risks to very reasonable levels.

Don't make a rule about halfway. Every branch is weighted differently.

With COG at 13' I would aim for 18-20'. You're able to hold the tip, and drop the butt. You don't want to have to pull the butt too much when tips interact.


What cut did you use? Hinge or no hinge?
You might want to consider setting your tip tie from the ground and taking the tail with you when you climb. Be easier getting it farther out on skinny branches.
You done good ... sometimes pole gear saves me climbing effort to set tip rigs. Judging the weights and favor working limbs takes experience to get accurate , I've done a few in a row with the Harken where I was sure it was butt heavy and the limb flew flat.
Sorry I forgot to put this up sooner for you, But yeah, help goes a long way.
At about 3:10 you can see the two offending limbs out over the roof. I should had put a tag line on both of them in the tip.
I got away with no butt tie on the first one, but had the tag line for pulling it round.
Should have done all three on the second so it would not take that much time to start to swing and be able to leave more hinge wood.
Mind you, we had a good tall rigging point as well.
Nice swing. The banana shaped limbs are problematic because they can easily flip one way or the other, depending on where the rigging rope is tied vs the cog and the shape. That can be bad when there's few room to spare over the roof (or else).
The heavily loaded limbs with fruits are especially difficult to appreciate and find the right spot.
Cut straight through, fast as possible about 18” from the collar. Got 2” of bark tear out. Should I do an undercut to reduce risk of longer tear out?
yes, I prefer to do my cuts lined up instead of stepped over, I've had a few instances where I was 10+ ft out and didn't think it would peel any, I was wrong, peeled all the way to the trunk

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