Locust = Killer tree


Sep 2, 2006
todays crane job...........two very big and very decayed Locust. Both trunks were pretty skecthy. A little winter blast greated us with snow and 18 degrees, wind 10-15......damnit, they said it was gonna be 40 and sunny:X ....put on a happy face:D
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first tree 4 picks, start off the second...........42"dbh, totally rotten at base.....i was skeered:O
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with some weight out of the top I started to relax....despite I was freezing me arse off.....canadian clippers, they call em' here. Thanks Squisher:/:
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more picks...It had a hidden co-dom, sealed together with IVy. So I added a camstrap at the bottom to hold the two together.....luckily it worked. last pick from ground was 5500. stump pic is locust #1...
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stump of tree 2, butt log was total sponge., decayed down into root flare at the base. I was amazed it had not fallen over yet. Most Locust around here fall over before they get this big........I'm glad I didn't have to back the crane back out:O
That is a couple of rotten mean looking trees. Good thing there was crane access! Nice work NoBivy.
Nice pics!
We wrecked out a bunch of locusts similar in size to those at work last week. I don't care how sharp your saw is the damned dust is the finest of any tree i have ever cut. I had that crap all over me at the end of the day. Didn't matter which way i was facing the wind would blow it in my face. If it was at my back I swear it made a vortex or something and would blow it in my face :)
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That would have been a false sense of security. I would had to untie anyway, and with wind blowin the load around......i took my chances
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the pics that didn't load....from a couple of post earlier
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Heh east coast gots nothing to do with me. Wow crazy looking job man.

eyh...or aye...or eye...I get confused. Jus' yankin' your chain, ya crazy workin' for ya?
Nice pics and very nice looking equipment. Very professional. :thumbup:

I do have one minor pet peeve, though. Give those toy cones back to the soccer team and get some real cones. :P
those are the same I use when I want to let traffic know that I dont want them to smack into the back of my truck. I put three out usually, on at the drivers side bumper, one about 5 feet farther, halfway to the curb and one five feet further, at the curb. Not sure if there are official regs for that kind of thing.
thats what i use also, they are no good for main arteries so i rent big ones on occasion.
cool pics john! nasty trees
Locust trees in these parts do very well. In fact, I have never seen a failure ? I guess that's a PHC issue / question...
What causes them to fail ? It must be environmental ?
The drainage pattern looks altered from the pix, but I don't know if that was a cause for failure or not ?
Locust is a hard wood, no ? I just have no experience with it because it thrives here.
P.S. Great job on a hazardous removal !!!
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The wood is hard but the trees usually hollow out at the base, and they get "polypore" cankers all over the trunk. I think there are some borers that affect them to. Great firewood, shatty trees