Lightning Climbing Ropes


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Mar 6, 2005
Has anyone climbed on this rope yet? It intrigues me being a 1/2" rope but supposedly lighter than regular ropes. Plus it's more expensive than regular ropes.

I've played with it, never climbed on it though. It is pretty lite, but I'd probably stick with Blue Streak and use the extra money for a splice on the other end.
I've climbed on. It is neat feeling with the foam core. I notice that it has a lot of "memory." The rope stays kinked after you uncoil it.

It is very light weight. It's also very new technology, so that's why it costs more. Is it better? That's for you to decide!

I played with this rope at Vermeer......

WAY stretchy! It was like bungee.
I disliked the Fly rope when it came out for the same reason (bungee cord qualities). Although I did buy a 150' hank and climbed on it for 3-4 months before realizing how much I disliked it. They still got my money though.
Lightning is way stretchier than Fly.

The Fly is rated at 2.2% elongation @ 540 pounds

and Lightning is rated at 6.1% @ 540 pounds

and incidentally, Blue Streak is also rated at 2.2%.
The Fly rope went through several incarnations in its first couple years. The one I have is from the first 6 months on the market, and it was much stretchier than Blue Streak. The Fly rope you buy today is different.

6.1% stretch is not acceptable for a tree climbing rope! :\: That would be a tiring PITA trying to climb that rope.
I've got a Fly line about 150', hardly use it that often though. It feels really bouncy, at least since I've been climbing on velocity.

The one-legged frenchman loves his lightning. He said he thought he wouldn't like it because of the stretch, but it actually helps his footlocking.

I liked the fly, but I think New England hurried it to the marketplace because of the other smallish diameter ropes that were coming out. They seem to have gotten it right with the Tachyon.