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text based trucking sim?
Who's in?

Its addicting, you start with a beater truck, haul cargo around the nation (and in europe) and work your way up to an 09 International Lonestar. You can buy items for your truck, for bling, for performance etc etc.

Its text based, and its real time. That is, you get to go 10 turns and you are done for 10 hours of real time.

I am with a company called Bulldogg trucking. Its a great community, tight knit and friendly. Being with a company means you get a % of help with your fuel and repair costs. They do collect a % of your earnings... but its well worth it.

Right now, we are running a contract from Jacksonville to Halifax. The payout, is great ($2 a mile ) and we are collecting the lowest amount ever, 7% because the contract is paying so well. Its never been better to join the game. You will get paid excellent money on this first load... Try it for a week and if you don't think its the bee's knee's you can retire your driver and be done with it.

So here's how it works:

Sign up (FREE! Of course, its an online game)
Make a driver, set your home city as Jacksonville, FL.
Get a loan (Under banking tab) and buy the 89 Volvo truck
Search up the company called Bulldogg Trucking, apply to join. My "Boss" will get you put on the company.
Select a route, to Halifax, and haul the cargo of glass.

Take off driving! Remember, 10 turns is all you can do... then you wait 10 hours, and repeat. Also, wait to be hired on to the company, so you get the high payment per mile.
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Sorry to bother you then...

Its not really, I just wanted to get you guys a leg up than most rookies starting out.
So it's not real? Or is it like "fantasy trucking?" You keep score, and make all your moves at one time? Who wins? Wha......I'm already behind the power curve. I guess I'm not in sync with gaming/texting/trucking. Lemme know when you get the Lonestar.
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LOL... Yea, its a sim. Ever want to pretend you are a truck driver? Come play.

Thats all.

Im buying a lonestar when I drop off this load of glass, my Peterbilt keeps breaking down on me.
What's a sim? But no, never wanted to be a truck driver. I watch the Ice Road truckers. I like Hugh.

So you're buying the Lonestar...does that mean you win?
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Its a simulation, meaning they take real world scenarios, truck driving in this instance and make a game of it. Lets everyone try their hand at being a super trucker without selling their house, buying a big rig and taking to the highways.

You don't win it, just like you don't really win life LOL. You play, make money and spend money. When you get tired of it you can start over or quit.
Do you get flashed by hot chicks in convertibles? Because other than that, there's not much to keep your interest driving a truck. Interstates all look the same. The biggest draw to truck driving is the solitude.