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Let's Hear It For 3 Strand!


Feb 28, 2017
Peoria il
You can make a fid for 3 stand out of a chunk of half inch pipe, just cut the end at a 45 degree angle to make it easier to insert. Tape the ends really well or use constrictor knots, and when you do your tucks make sure to twist it to keep the tight lay. The problem with synthetic ropes is that the fibers don't have memory, so you have to work to keep the right twist tension a bit. If you are trying to learn how to splice it first, i strongly recommend going to a hardware store and getting 20 feet or so of Manila. The individual strands will have a memory to them and they keep their shape better, so it's easier to learn on.

I personally use a crown knot to start the splice when I'm doing a ring, so you will need to practice that as well, usually taught by doing a back splice. Believe it or not splicing 3 strand is still taught in our fitter apprenticeship, they view it as that necessary for tag line use and light rigging. We learn the clove hitch, bowline, pipe hitch, bucket hitch, to never use a square knot, eye splice, and back splice.


Feb 12, 2016
i liked 3strand for lanyard, FS, eye2eye choker etc.
i find it has different grip characteristics when used as a Blakes on braid, or as smaller braid cord gripping 3strand lanyard
>>And very long wearing, curious foot print against smooth braid of intermittent contact, perhaps even ventilation?
Prefer New England Safety Blue(core flagging) 3 strand, even w/orange tracer thru for HyVee(of still make..)
i prefer 5 tuck, slight 'butane backsplice' of the exiting strands for mushroom cap swell, as 'stopper knot' to be more physically impossible to pull back thru
>>then even as not to hot but formable allowing it to solder back to main and smooth down; w/o affecting, melting main.
Stitch thru can't hurt either, or even tight tape that leaves 'shrooms exposed as an inspection point.
3 strand is also more textured grab by hand like 12strand, mo'nubbier compared to 'smooth sock' of more truly rounder 16 & 24 strands.
Brion Toss i believe recommends double tuck first strand i believe(been awhile).
AND as TreeSmith says the unraveling, or as Brion Toss says 'ribboning' the strands to lay flat as weave back thru self
>>this gives less deformity of the mainline splicing back into for more strength
>>AND more frictional surface area for security.
Mr. Toss points this out as totally counter-intuitive, lil-known rule of how it should go!
Again and again, as always and all ways before Pure Inline, undeformed for strength, this lesson echoed again..
>>and this one of it's most memorable, benchmark moments to visualize and compare many things to
For if this amount of miss-alignmeant matters hear, it MUST matter in a lot of other things!
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