Lanyard ascender placement

Lanyard ascender positioning

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Mar 6, 2005
This would drive me crazy! Check out how far from the saddle Reg C secures his ascender, and then see how close I keep mine. That far out you can't cinch up tight and there's too much space between the tree and the climber, IMO.

How do ya'll wear yours? Up close, or out farther?


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Gotta be as close as possible for me, and as I stated here before, made of rope!

That being said I'd like to know what that extra strap is and what its rated for. IMO a twisted clevis and a lanyard are like peanutbutterandjelly, rope, gibbs, microscender, or otherwise..
Greg, it looks like he's extending it out using a Spectra drawstrap.

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Does anybody else put a sling in the 200's clip like that? I use a clip on my saddle instead.
What kinda saddle is he wearin?

I'm always trying to tie the "legs" of my distel closer to keep the hitch as close as possible. When I did the gibbs thing I think I put it directly on the D with twisted clevis.

Does keep the tail of his lanyard outta his saw and stuff though.
The sling is put into his system as a "cuttable link" as he's using a wire core strop. It's common and recomended as best practice here in the Uk for rescue. Easy to cut with a silky or knife as opposed to a pair of bolt cutters:\:
That makes sense. Couldn't you girth hitch the sling directly to the ascender to shorten up the distance? I suppose that would make it a pain to change your lanyard out...
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I don't see that in your avatar, Pete.

And what are you doing up so late??? :beer:
As for Sleep- no rest for the wicked I guess :) or maybe the fact that i fell asleep for 3 hours earlier has done my bodyclock in :(
off topic but I like that saddle, looks tough with big D's
The harnesses are getting quite popular amongst my friends who have climbed on hard seat for years. It's got formed legloops
If you use a rope lanyard then the spectra or dynema slings are harder to cut with a silky than rope. With a saw it's irelevant I guess
I can't see when you would ever cut that close to a lanyard Frans?
Old pic, i keep mine closer than this now with a shorter hitch, tended through and mounted too the Right sideD. The longer the bridge to the adjuster the more you have to pull forward/away from you for less slack after adjusting. A long bridge, and pulling to the side; leaves a lot of slack when you are done and it takes your weight i think.