ISO 46 and AW 46 hydralic fluid


Rockclimber/ treeclimber
Aug 5, 2005
Is there any difference?
my mini requires ISO 46 its pretty pricey , supposed to change the fluid at 400 hours , im at 500.
Looks like it is at least ten gallons.
Anyhow im looking for ISO46 but can only find AW46 at about ten dollars a gallon....
I think they are the same (or at least interchangable), but I'm not certain. I use AW46 in my bucket truck instead of the high dollar nonconductive stuff. I'm not running a hydraulic saw near power lines so the nonconductive is of no benefit for me.

I did a couple Google searches for aw46 and iso46. At least one company uses the monikers interchangeably.

Looks like ISO46 and AW46 are about the same price.|14312|14318|44659?listingPage=true
Its the same thing, the AW just means anti-wear, which is sort of redundant since all oil has anti-wear properties, but I'm sure the technical geeks can tell you what it really means.

Anyway, $10 a gallon sounds about right.
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Cool thanks ,
Mine aint green but it looks like the purest hyd. oil ive seen almost clear.
Now i gotta go get 10 ,more gallons i recon.
Ouch ,,, done spent about 300 in filters and other oils this week end.
dad gum it.....
Yeah, I think the green is a Tractor Supply thing. What I get from NAPA or the local hydraulic supply is either red or clear. The stuff in the new bucket truck is clear as rainwater.

Find your hydraulic filters and change those also. Save the old fluid and put it to good use, maybe use it to stretch your bar oil or something. I wouldn't put used motor oil in my saws but used hydraulic oil is different. Especially since it's not contaminated and still clean.
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Yeah i can find the Hydralic filter anywhre yet , at least locally .
Its crazy and goes in a Boxer 526 DX 2007 model.
I got the number BRB
Most decent hydraulic supply or parts houses should be able to match up the filter for you. Boxer may try to disguise the part number by overlaying their own number, but once you have the generic filter number you will be able to get it anywhere.
Maybe just buy an extra filter from Boxer, then take the new, clean filter to a NAPA or other good parts house and let them match it up. They will be much more willing to handle and measure it if it's new and clean.
My mini uses 11 gallons of SAE 10W30 for the hydro. 2 quarts in the crankcase.

I changed my hydro last week, used some Walmart blue bottle (Tech something maybe?) $7.28 per 5 quarts :) Engine gets Mobile 1.
Well somebody has to make the filter for them. And if the filters are that expensive, maybe consider replacing the filter mount to a more common size.

Although it seems hydraulic filters don't need changing all that often. They would have to be pretty pricey to be worth the hassle of replacing the filter mount.
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I put 15 gallons in my 526 dx boxer ans she looks to need at least two more:\:
You might try McMaster Carr or Northern hydraulics for a filter .Somebody I'm sure makes something other than an OEM filter for that contraption .

If it would be the same physicall size ,have the same gpm rating and the same microm filtration size it should work I would think .

Of course the price on these things goes up if it's a suction line filter rather than a bypass line filter ,ya know .
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Yeah the plug is in correct i checked re checked and rechecked.
It holds over 15 gallons i cant believe it either.But when you look at the tank its huge.
Somebody check the specs.
2006 boxer dx with perkins.
looks like 22 gal.
Loader's Model # TD-327

Engine Power:
26 HP

Engine Manufacturer:

Engine Description:

Width Variable Track (min):
34.5 "

Width Variable Track (max):
43.5 "

2300 LBS

Operating capacity:
850 LBS

Tip Capacity:
1700 LBS

Hydraulic pressure:
3000 PSI

Hydraulic flow:
14 GPM

Hydraulic tank capacity:
22 GAL

Dump height:
59 "

Hinge pin height:
75 "

Travel speed:

Fuel tank capacity:
12.5 GAL

Overall height:
53 "

Ground clearance:
9 "
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Thats so funny i looked in the tank and said chit im two gallons shy.
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Many years later - im still using the same two Boxers , tough little machines .
I was about to change the Hydralic fluid again and i remembered this thread .
Just gonna get a ton of AW

Fun thing those filters are still hard to find but i got several a few years back .

Hows it going Boxer owners ?

I've never intentionally changed my hydraulic fluid in either bucket truck. I only top it off when I fix a leak. 17K hours on the old bucket truck and still going strong.