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I figured he was just some random dude on twitter, never gave him much credibility anyway, but the question still stands, and when there's war, there's propaganda and counter propaganda on both sides.
Ok, but once again it's not equal, you can't just say both sides are using propaganda so all facts are meaningless because they have "alternative facts," that's not how any of this works. To answer your question on why would Russia do that, it's because horrible acts like this are designed to break the people's will to keep fighting, and Russia realllllly wants the Ukrainians to give up fighting already (could it be because they're better at it?). Or it could be a horrible mistake, but it happened so now Russia will have to try to defend yet another war crime it has committed. The larger question is why was your first reaction to this news to defend Russia, and why didn't you look into it deeper yourself first before committing to that stance? I would wager that you are consuming lots of this propaganda, and it's clearly Russian, so maybe now would be a good time to examine where you're getting your information from and start seeking better sources.

I would wager that you are consuming lots of this propaganda,
Funny, you're one to talk. The media is easily bought and controlled. So Russia = bad & dishonest? I'm sure they say the same about us. @Maximalist is Russian, and he's a nice guy. All I did was check out 1 tweet, and entertained the possibility. Maybe it was friendly fire. Maybe it serves to bring the Ukraine war back into the news with increased hate toward Russia and to help draw more funding. You and I may never know for sure. All we know is that the unfortunate event happened.
No idea why you would try to bring max into this, we're not talking about him at all, he's as irrelevant to this as we are, so stop with your red herrings. Yes he's cool and is a hell of a tree guy, but his country totally sucks because its run by a fascist criminal fuckwad, something i would like to avoid here. I'm sure they say the same about us, as to be expected when we've been at a cold war with each other for over 80 years, and allowing russia to continue to invade other countries will inevitably turn it hot, but you clearly either don't understand or care about that. Russia invaded Ukraine, not the other way around, so yes, russia = bad and dishonest, sad i have to explain that. Just because trump loves putin doesn't mean you have to, but here we are.

People "entertaining" fantasy and confusing it with real life is exactly what's wrong with our country anymore, alternative facts don't exist and repeating them is simply lying, and it's even sadder that i have to explain that too, over and over again. Rather than actually finding out what happened by looking at different sources and the information they used to come to that conclusion, you went to friggin' Twitter for something that backed up your "entertaining possibilities" and tried to pass that off as truth. Rather than brainstorming excuses why a bunch of kids in the hospital were burnt alive and crushed by rubble, maybe try thinking about why you backed russia in the first place, why you did it a second time even after you found out your info was bad, why you did it a third time and tried to use max to justify your position, and finally why you got mad when i correctly called it propaganda and correctly pointed out that you must read a lot of it to think like that. Why is your default here "it's clearly Ukrainians killing their own kids to make russia look bad, they must want money" rather than "holy frig war is total bullshit and frig putin for bringing this evil greed and suffering upon the earth." You should be mad at the people who started this bullshit war, the assholes who committed this war crime, and you should be mad at the people who lied to you with their alternative facts. You should feel a need to seek out more accurate information in the future, but instead your mad at me for pointing out the blatant propaganda you posted and calling it exactly what it is.
Why would Russia want to do that? How would they benefit?

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If that X post is accurate, then I got misled by the mainstream media. That's really messed up and disappointing...if true. Now I really don't know who to trust anymore in the news regarding much of anything. Which is why I try to avoid watching the news. How can you call yourself a journalist and publish an article like that unless you have definitive proof? Ugh.
Trump meeting with Orban right after he met with Putin - so an intermediary. Apparently the lot of them are hell bent on destroying NATO.

And this rundown on the stated goals of the 2025 Project includes their stated policy of deregulating big business and dismantling the EPA - wouldn’t be long before that tanker truck situation occurs here…



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Ya might have to give CNN a few years to “discover” the truth if their past record is any indication of the validity of their stories. Remember covid, the laptop or Joe’s mental stability?
I know, right? It's been obvious to me that Joe's been experiencing cognitive decline for years and yet all of these left wing news outlets are just now "realizing" it. Give me a break. They've just been spinning a narrative in hopes of winning the election and, now that it's blatantly obvious that Biden is seriously senilic, they're all acting as if it's this new, important discovery. They can't hide from it anymore, and suddenly they're now deciding to be real journalists about it. Bunch of turncoats and liars.
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Never confuse the MSM with journalists. They’re just there to spin and maintain the narrative handed to them. It is very entertaining to watch them try to backpedal and cover the lies they’ve spoon fed the smooth brained leftists. One will be along shortly to prove my point.
Right, right. I should have said "turn-alists." I'm sure one of the smooth brained is certainly on their way; although, we may have scared them off with our premonitions and foreshadowing.
That Project 25 meme everyone keeps posting is forgetting the alternative is the democrats who want to take the dick saw to our youth, change everyone into rainbow people, and adopt socialism.................

So why is NATO being held responsible a bad thing?