ice warriors


Oct 17, 2006
hartsville, sc
Those of you in the ice storm region, my heart goes out to you that is a mess to get cleaned up.

Take lots of pics and be safe. Keep us all updated.
Oklahoma is getting their ass kicked. Do we have any OK Treehousers??? I don't think so. Any Treehousers in the path? Who hasn't checked in today or yesterday?

Kansas and Missouri is next in line.
I knew someone here would have the goods, I don't get 'round the net to much myself and no television so.............thanks for the link!

Looks like a terrible storm.:(
Looks like a terrible storm.:(
No man. This could be a good storm. As a matter of fact it could be a God Send:blob6: BRING IT ON!!

Hey you Arbormaster fellas in Okey, whats it like out your way?
But, in Paul's link they are blaming a number of deaths on the storm, that's gotta be not so fun for some people.
Raining to beat the band right now!! Lightning and all!!! I just got home from work, again, there is about 1/8" of ice on everything but the roads right now. They are saying up to 1" of ice by tommorow PM.
The stores here are sold out of generators and icemelt already. I fired up my welder earlier and bought fiften gallon of gas, jus in case. I had hoped to had a fire going by now, but being home an hour and a half, then going back in for an hour and a half, no time for that.
I think this might get really ugly here!!!
But, in Paul's link they are blaming a number of deaths on the storm, that's gotta be not so fun for some people.
OH NO! I would not wish that on any one. My apologies to any that have all ready suffered & witnessed my misguided excitement
OH NO! I would not wish that on any one.

I know ya wouldn't just sort of letting ya know how it might read to someone who had followed the link. Anyone who's read here much at all would realize you'd never wish that on anyone, atleast not without good reason.;)
I know, I have a 750 watt power inverter I use when I lose power.

I guess I mean how many amps/watts will it provide?
Rain has just hit here about 1/2 hour ago, on the drive home there was ice in the center of the road. Had a lot of tree companies come in today. Chains, oil, mix, everything to make sure they are ready. Here's what the radar looks like.
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time to make hay while the sun is shining...or uhh,... the ice is falling:D
Kinda wierd here nowadays John, as a kid we got snow. Here a few years er ah, now days we tend to see more Ice. Last year good snow, very little ice.
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This is looking bad or good. I have all ready recieved 4 calls. Only one had damage the other three wanted to know that I would get to them if needed.
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I just heard the weather channel say at least one inch of ice expected for some areas with freezing temps to last for several days beyond the event.

I can't even fathom a full inch of ice coating everything up.

We would have zero trees left for sure.

I've got a generator you have to meet me in the middle with your drop cord though!
Better stand-by for sure, the tail end of this thing is still reaching out over 600 miles. And growing it looks like.