I Just Joined The ASPCA

Sara ? She used to shop in the nursery I worked in a few years ago, I think she still lives nearby in north vancouver. pretty down to earth as a person, at least when she was shopping at the nursery.

Brian adams also came by a couple of times. :)
Being cruel to animals is terrible but the ASPCA ain't all good. HSOUS(Humane Society) is downright awful.
Sarah is gorgeous!
Butch, It is your choice. Personally I could never send them money since they are opposed to all hunting of animals. Most of the humane orgs get support based upon good people's love and sympathy for pets (a noble sentiment) but have bigger, more strident agendas to modify the behavior of people which are NOTDB.
Hmm,I'll bet those folks at the SPCA woud be oppossed to the method I would use to deal with a cat in a tree .:D
Hmm,I'll bet those folks at the SPCA woud be oppossed to the method I would use to deal with a cat in a tree .:D

I use one of 3 methods if I don't want to kill or badly hurt the cat or dog. I use my pellet rifle with Beeman felt pellets, My AEG (airsoft), or my blowgun with blunt round ball tips. All will sting, but not penetrate the skin, even on a human. What I chose depends on what I have handy or the mood I am in. I don't believe in climbing a tree, pole or what have you to get an animal or bird down.
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Shit, no wonder there are so many suffering animals with ya'lls attitudes. I may have to increase my contribution now.

I don't know much about ASPCA, so I couldn't say much about that organization specifically, but I am all in favor of your motivation Butch.
Well I dunno about the ASPCA but the SPCA up here is a real benefit to the community. I've gotten a few animals from our local SPCA over the years.


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Many spca's have a 'kill' policy at their shelters. Others keep the animals until adopted...
So? If there's to many strays and no one/no where to keep them it kind of limits the options for the furry little creatures.
It's just weird to kill "extra" pets and be totally against hunting tasty nonpets for food.

Well the SPCA is about like a lot of organizations .There are some very dedicated people .On the other hand some of those folks adore animals but hate people .:what:
See I've never heard anything about them being against hunting and they certainly don't push that agenda up here at all.