I finally climbed new school now what?


Rockclimber/ treeclimber
Aug 5, 2005
Oh yeah using a micro pulley on the lanyerd and vt and pretty much same for climbing my line.
All my gear was stolen so i busted out my old spikes and leather and tossed together a climbing system like many of you all use.
Ive been going strong with two gri gri 's since they invented that chit.
Ill have to say the micro pulley VT or prussick or swabitch sp haha on the lanyerd was ok except when i tossed it round the spar .Its just longer clunkier and harder to catch.
Also i was using 10.5 mill. rockclimbing line, dont ask , and of course just about any knot i tied wanted to cinch up a bit if i really put some pressure on it.
Could someone point me to some basic hitches using a micro pulley, i love it,
Its awesome for instant one handed adjustment.
But the gri gri or grilion, if you will ,is to .
I basically need tree spyders site but cant remember the link.

And to think i was finally in caddies, MB talked me into, that and now im back to these ,but not for long .I dunno it felt good, kinda nostalgic.:O


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Dont get envious over those limb walkers either haha i remember how bad i got dissed befor.
Its the icesickle i want to tie , i remember spydy showed me that way back and it was an awesome hitch.
Here's my 4-1 VT. Very efficient as long as the cord isn't too long. You want the cord as short as possible without actually binding. If the cord is too long then either shorten it or add an extra braid to make a 4-2 VT. I use New England Sta-Set 3/8" cord (double braid polyester).
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Nice skwerl ,this is what seemed best for me yesterday plain old prusick but i just climbed one single populis.About an hour's climbin.
MB yeah, all i remember is the pain, but i guess when your shins are fresh its not all that bad.
I didnt hurt to much. A long day would have had me in tears and ready to fight. Ill be ordering caddies again soon. Can you believe they stole umm.Stole almost 8k in goddies .

Oh and i just had to include the much hated and often overlooked IMO gri gri.:P

Im tying that rt. now skwerl.


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Hows this


Its to long ...
Sloppy as and proably not tied correctly


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Whered your stuff get stolen from? You can stream line that laynard a little bit more. couple more wraps and ditch the screw gate....get a triple lock for sure.
Here's my rig for pics sake.

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They stole from my shed busted through the lock at night.

I was just trying it, seems ok ,just long.
How do you like the little spikes on the bottom of the shanks on your spikes?
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I call those my limb walkers and for those who havent tried them ie MB you really dont know what you are talking about. NO? HAR i got you there.
Remember how everyone all said oh yeah we love umm but only on our studded lumber jack boots.
No biggie just a novelty i did like them climbing mossy covered trees in county clare.Near Lough Derg.
Lots of moss on those trees the studs help because when you think about it that bottom of your shank is really the only slippery place on your foot when in boots and spikes.
Anyhow does anyone else here like the ice sickel ?
Its smooth as on rough rope.
Im still stuck in gri gri land though but im breaking out...
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Yeah splice fo so , i just wish i was good enough to do it myself cause id like a way shorter tenex.
Ill have to say the micro pulley VT or prussick or swabitch sp haha on the lanyerd was ok except when i tossed it round the spar .Its just longer clunkier and harder to catch.

Dark, why are you tossing the hitch around the spar? Don't you throw the other end?


at least your climbing line........to much goin on , on that one biner. You could always split the tail end to a seperate biner too. I aint trying to be critical......try it, you may likeee:D