I broke some tenex tec


Wud Kutta
Oct 1, 2005
Edinburgh, Scotland
I'd been asked to splice some tenex eye eye slings up but they needed super short splices. I used a locking brummel a 2" bury then another 1" reducing the hope to half diameter then another 1" finishing the taper.

I was concerned about this not being strong enough as it would be used single legged. I managed to get to a shop that can load test things. I gave them a sling with my splice on one end and a samon 12 strand class 1 splice on the other end.

The samson splice was done in their office to samsons directions using a ball point pen as a fid. i buried it more than it should have been then pulled the eye backout to align the eye marks. I never had any whipping twine so it wasn't whipped. I dont see how this could have affected my results.

The sling broke at around 4000lbs (c.1800kgs). Their machine is not set up to record the exact point of failure.

Halfway through the test on the splice on the Samson end a half strand snapped at the point of 'final taper' as the splice finishes. What shocked me most was that the splice failed at the point of first taper on the samson end.
I was expecting my splice to fail earlier than the one in accordance with samsons instructions. My splice came out unscathed. Overall i am happy that my splice is able to sustain that load. Although it is not upto the strength of the MBS of the rope i still feel that 4000lbs is strong enough for the application.

I love it when somebody from the UK gives us crap about using 'Imperial' weights and measures. You're just a bunch of flip-floppers!

Jamie, a neat experiment would be to do another with locked brummel and a FULL buried tail. Weird things happen when you break rope spliced in this manner.

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Well a few weeks on and i have broken some more tenex tec, same splice but it was tested by teh folk who test the Ministry of Defences kit. I went via a company who redesigned the NEUTRON-8 splice (the changed it froma 6m splice on 80mm rope to 1m) for picking subs out of the ocean.

They cyclical tested the rope to 1.25 tonne ten times then broke it at 2.95tonne (29.5KN). Samson recommend an average break of 2.25tonne.

it broke just after the taper of the splice.

I'm well chuffed

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locking brummel with a 2 inch bury then a 1.5inch taper.
it broke a lot higher than i was expecting. I need to get some more tenex and try a few more times.

I've been toying with this idea that when dealing with a locking brummell, you only need a bury as long as the number of strands going in each direction, followed by a short taper. So for tenex, you have 12 strands, 6 going in each direction. I'm thinking you could form the lock, count down 6 strands, (maybe 8 to be safe) then form a fast taper after that.

I can't wait to test it out!