I Am Finally Going to Make T-Shirts

Old Monkey

Mar 9, 2005
What do you think? The image is rough because I don't know a good way to change a pdf tto a jpg without it losing a lot of quality. I have to pick one of the fronts but the back is already decided upon.


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I would position the front emblem over the left breast, but other than that I like it!

Oh, and I would lose the red line on the front...
The left breast is more traditional, I'd prefer it that way.

I'd go with the top right one, perhaps a bit smaller and put in the traditional location. Emblemed areas of shirts don't breathe, so in MS, less is more.
Nice job Darin! I like the top right one. I would keep the red line, it kind of centers it. I would put the phone number on the back.

Can we see the back?
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We are thinking of putting in the middle because it is is unconventional. If I don't like it it will change on a later model.
Darin, Nice colors. Left upper quadrant is not only traditional and thus eye pleasing it is also a more polite location. In conversation, shifting your focus from the speakers face down and to your right is "normal" -no subliminal signals of dishonesty or rejection. Centered, the logo and information require focusing there, which, if the wearer is female, means setting off subliminal signals of rudeness and lechery.
I like it Darin.

Gonna send me one? I will send you a hat if you do...
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The bottom one is the back.

Wow, Justin I didn't realize I was going to be encouraging amorality with my bit of innovation.

I will try to make some extras for swapping material. I still have to chose a local screen printer.
I like the left. you could put the red line on the back between the logo and the phone number but eather way Its cool Ill take a large
No Darin-not encouraging immorrality-discouraging good customer relations by inserting discomfort into encounters. This is subconcious stuff that we pick up on. When a man stares at the center of a woman's chest while talking with her it makes her very uncomfortable. In man to man conversations focusing on the other person's chest sends an "I'm not accepting what you say" message.
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As long as they aren't looking at my gut, I'll consider it a success.
When a man stares at the center of a woman's chest while talking with her it makes her very uncomfortable.
Oh it's "man " thing. Well all do weather straight on with the perifial vision .Over years I've got the second method down to a science.I think I have a range of vision about like an owl,but I'm just Al .;)
I liked the red line, but if it's going to be on the back anyway, and you are going to have to move it over the left breast so I don't stare at womens breasts, I guess no line is needed:P
Me and Karina agreed that the red line is neat, but doesn't seem to flow well with the rest of the shirt.

I like the logo in the middle, karina likes the idea of it on the left.

I say ditch the phone number. I don't think anyone is going to be looking at your shirt long enough to remember it.

keep the number......it's an ad, not an art contest. You want the call:D
I agree. I say leave off the number. It looks tacky. If they want your number they can just ask you for your business card.