How to politely decline work?

But mean while. The opening in the schedule you could have handled the job in, gets filled with one that pays your rate with out issue.
not lately

im going to bid 2 jobs tomorrow, but out of all the jobs I lost this month I got 2, only made 3K this month when I put out probably 75K in bids

on a good note, if my price was too expensive then I have a decent idea I dont want to work for them, part of why I NEVER barter or let people talk my price down is because as soon as I budge its open season at the end of the job to pick on it and go "I dont like it im paying half"
yes, I have straight up refused to lower my price $25 before, and I still got the job
If work is slow, you might consider going without the luxury of certain equipment, like the crane, so your expenses are lower, so you can charge less.
@WoodCutr I’d believe your age has a lot to do with getting bids turned down. Most customers want someone at least 30 years old. They know older GENERALLY means more experience. I believe you are fairly young, correct? Not knocking you Just a thought.
its possible, id say a solid 80+% of people dont realize how young I am, I can pass for 25-30 pretty easily if I really wanted
but for sure some people freak out seeing how young I really am

and no, before anyone asks, im not posting my age on here
Yes, sounds like your approach isn’t working. Maybe time for a rethink.
I agree. It’s not all about price, we sell a service and the approach and language we use helps reinforce this. For example I always meet & greet customers then ask “How can we help you?” which always gets a positive response. It is often the little things that make the difference.

Financially we aim for a conversation rate of between 60 and 80% - lower and we drop our prices - higher we increase them.
Ive gone, due to xyz and requiring xyz unfortunatly i will be higher priced than other compaies with the equipment due to requiring contractors or so fourth reason. Here are some reputable companies that i would recommend that you contact.... has helped me more times than i can count in being called back for other works or advise on potential site issues
its weird, last month or so I couldn't close any jobs, this month i'm closing almost 100%, my prices haven't changed any or anything, i'm seriously thinking its stuff in the news messing with peoples heads
"going to war, lets get some trees removed"

if anything I really think my age helps some, im young and willing and people like that here, and I can't be deported mid job
my prices haven't changed and neither has my approach, I hmm and haw for a few minutes, get pictures, measure some things, write things down and smack them with a price, then SHUT UP, first person to talk loses once the price has been said

usually goes something like "for a full removal, stump grind, cleanup and disposal this job will be $4650"

"hmmm, when can you do it?"
"hmm, too expensive, can you go a little lower?" "no"

Don’t worry we already know.
not worried about you guys, I trust ya'll, more for the people that aren't members just reading through here