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Dec 9, 2005
San Francisco, Kali
Hey there all,

My employer wants me to find the best helmet camera for some canopy films.

I need some ideas from the field.
Looking at reviews on the intranet is a bit overwhelming and intangible.

I've heard Oregon Scientific is good.
I haven't been given a budget yet., which could be a good thing.

Can you folks that have and use helmet cams tell me pros and cons of
what you use?

Thank You
ive looked a bit into the stealth cam "epic". theres a website and vids on youtube. im not to impressed with the quality but they do seem durable
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Do you know how much they run for?

I just watched a few on youtube and the quality is a bit fuzzy, I agrree.

Seems wind is it's audio nemesis as well.
Check with some sky diving forums, they use them all the time. Don't know of any specific forums, but you could google it. I will ask Jeff, he skydives and has looked into them.

There is a place I use to deal with years back when I use to skydive.

The "Relative Workshop" located in Florida, they have a variety of helmet cameras.

Also have a look here: skyhivisuals.tripod.com/sportcam.htm they sell the system but you provide the helmet!

I checked the the site, Small, light weight, and low profile!

Here's some pics...



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Why not ask Gerry B.???

As you know, he's very knowedgable in this area!!!

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Yo Hobby, That looks interesting, maybe a bit bulky.

Thanks Steve for the tip on Oregon Scientific.

I'll check out POV1 a little more in depth.

Maybe Mr. B will see the thread and pipe up.

I've been thinking about getting one. More for biking and skiing, but trees too. Haven't even started looking into them yet but I'll be following this thread.
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I just watched a few youtubes of POV1's.

It seems a bit pixalated, but the comments section mentioned it records in
DVD quality and it's youtube that's lowering the quality of resolution.

That's kinda why I'm asking first hand reviews as if the computer is gonna standardize all the cameras' quality to poor.

Hey Bullman, What's RCO use?

Nevermind here he is....with a POV1.

<object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/9CXwJcCTLdc&hl=en&fs=1"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/9CXwJcCTLdc&hl=en&fs=1" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344"></embed></object>

700 bones for the POV1 with standard 110 degree wideangle lens included. Sounds Dooable.

Anyone else use one of these?
bodean, ive done a lot of research on this in the past and although have yet to get one i think your best option all round is the pov1 without question.

i did buy the oregon scientific, used it once and sold it on ebay the next day, useless for tree work.


This link has reviews on several cams....There's 2 that sound pretty good besides the POV1, which seems to be the best,and is the one used by most of th pro sports guys.... and Reg Coates, esquire

I'm about ready to get one also.....

I also found one on ebay...that was intriguing as it came with a handfull of different lenses,with varying fields of view. From the desciption, tho, I don't think it is nearly as good as the three others.
I built my helmetcam system the old fashion way. The quality is excellent. However, it is old technology, heavy, DV tape recorder, big batteries and lots of cabling. With all the connections something always goes wack, and I have to repair it. Generally the cabling.

My native resolution is good as it gets and on your tube is looks crappy. I can only guess at the POV1 with the wide angle lens. Reg Coates vids looks fine as any vid on YOU TUBE. So I'm assuming it's native resolution must be OK.

Actually I been thinking about getting a POV myself and eliminate the hassels with all the cabling of my old system. And it has a mic input too. For commentary it's a must.
I'd love to have one for trees, skiing, and definitely snowmobiling! I'll be following this thread for sure.
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I talked to my boss who will speak with higher bosses that will meet with purchasing agents to see if this is still a go.
Do you know how much they run for?

I just watched a few on youtube and the quality is a bit fuzzy, I agrree.

Seems wind is it's audio nemesis as well.

The fuzzyness on youtube is not due to the type of camera but the way youtube presents the video. I have alot of videos there and they are much clearer on a dvd or my computer. When it is posted there it has a lesser quality.