Having a root ball!!!!

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Werks 4 da Man

At a friend's house two 12 inch pines, rootballs tangled, blew over during a storm. What do you guys do to restore the terrain?

Would you remove the rootballs or what?

Yah remove them fill the holes with some soil and plant what ya like would be my advice, without seeing no pics of course.
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Thanks guys. I'll look for a stumpgrinder first and see what he will charge.

If he's out of line, then I'll pull the stump. Didn't even think of going ahead and grinding it.

What's easier or more cost effective would all depend on what kind of equipment you have access to, what sort of disposal site you have access to/or not, and what future plans for the area are. If you're going to plant another tree grindings would be good I would think, if it's going to be returned to lawn I would think you'd want soil. Just my .02.
If I was replanting a tree, I would put soil in there. Whatever was most similar to the soil that is in the rest of the yard. Trees are used to growing in a forest setting where the top few inches are mulch (wood chips) but not 2 feet down.

if its lawn your better off putting siol back as the grindings will sink over a couple years. i got some pics for another thread of stumps were going to pull