Gyro Powerballs


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Mar 6, 2005
From a thread at the Buzz, I was intrigued so I ordered the Neon Red Pro model. Anyone of ya'll ever handled one of these?

I used one before. But, not a lighted jobber.

Looks fun.

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I got one at the 2004 TCIA Expo in Baltimore. I think I used it twice after I got home. I could probably find it around here somewhere if you gave me a couple hours.
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I walk five miles as fast as I can, using various inclines. It sucks, I hate it, But I need cardio strength. I only do it on days I don't work. I do it in my living room, with all the normal conveniences available.
90 minutes to walk 5 miles? Might wanna pick up the pace a little there, MB. You can get done quicker if you don't stop for ice cream halfway through! :lol:
Brian saying that he only used it twice, isn't necessarily a reflection of Powerball. It's usually like that with any exercise equipment. One sweat and it's "that's so boring", and back to the chocolate cake.

How much do those cost?
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Check out the link, they are various prices. My model was about fifty bucks.
Thanks, I might have to invest. I notice that it comes with a twenty-five year warranty! I've never heard of a twenty-five year warranty for anything.
I got one in 2001. I keep it in my car. I use it about once or twice a month. It's a neat way to pass what would otherwise be wasted time. I usually crank it slow for some times an hour or more at a time, switching hands every 5 minutes or so.

As soon as you get it, practice starting it without the pull string. I lost mine in the first week!