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Rotax Robert

I cant get into my Safe, I usualy keep it unlocked ( that makes sense ) Anyway it is a Pony Expess and I thought I have tried every rotation combination but I aint opening. say the combo is 2-30-62 need specific rotation direction to start and end with and how many times you go past the middle # etc. if that makes sense

isnt it usually clear one way then to your number, two rolls the other to your number then to the third number? I havent opened a combo locker since years ago but thats how I remember it. :) if not, C4!
It's often twice past the first number (to the left on my safe), then back past it once to the second number, and then directly back to the third number.

Then on my safe, you have to also go back to where the dial stops after the three numbers, which is about "10" on my safe, and "0" on my Dad's safe.

Worse come to worse, you can usually contact the manufacterer (most safes are really made by one of a few makers) and they'll help ya out.
Our safe is 4 turns CCW to a number ,3rd time CW stop on X then 2time CCW to Y followed by turning CW to stop on "Q".
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Thanks Stumper, That worked perfect
Glad you're in bro. I'd be flipping out if I couldn't get in my gun safe!
It could be a reality TV show. "Darin, there is 6 lbs of chocolate and a dozen fresh donuts in this safe. You may use any method you choose to access the goodies but your time in obtaining and eating the num-nums willl determine whether you move on to the next round. Are you ready?"
Speaking of safes, as my collection grows, I'm getting to the point where it feels foolish to not have them in a safe.

Any recommendations on a brand? My local guy sells Liberty safes (I'm fairly certain).

Looking to spend under $4kish.

Would prefer a inside hight of 72" and a flush floor, I think.

Granted, it'll be a couple/few/several months before I'm ready, but I like to know what I want.
we should get one before the boy gets to old. for 4k you can get a sweet set up with lights and all!
Carl , There are a couple of ways to look at things. A very secure and fireproof safe is...well very secure and fireproof. It is also very expensive and signals to any would be thieves-"there is something really worth a lot in there."

For a fraction on the cost of a big fireproof safe you can buy several closet mountable longsafes and small fireproofs. Most thieves are in a hurry. If you make it inconvenient for them to find everything and don't make it look like this is worth a big assault you might wind up ahead. I am poor and cheap so important documents and a couple of handguns are in a fireproof and in another area I have a wallmounted steel box with some long guns. What I value the highest are probably my bows...and they are on display. Priorities I guess....
although the fire proof safe could be a tax write off if you buy it to store corperate seals etc:)
True Justin, but those BIG safes weigh ten jillion pounds. Even if the thieves noticed it they wouldn't be able to do much about it.
Darin, the class of safe I'm looking at weighs 14-1800lbs, before you add contents, or, what most mini's weigh and about 2x what they can lift.

Justin, most likely, the safe will be concealed.

I value all my guns, but the monitary value of some is getting on up there.
how the heck does one get something that heavy and assumedly awkward to move through a house for placement? Or are you limted to using it very near a point of entry?
that I could understand but the bringing one into an existing home part throws me. Guess if they can build pyramids by hand most anything can be done. Trying to picture a dolly or something to maybe roll it in on but even that would have tremendous PSI ground pressure surely too high for a residential floor?