Jan 1, 2008
enid, ok
Thanks to a post on Tbuzz, I came across a grcs for sale on ebay. sure its used, but used is better than none.

oh, AND I WON!!:thumbup:

I cant wait for it to get here. Ive got at least 1 job i can use it on right now.
Good stuff Dave,

Don't need to tell you to give it a good going over inside & out...right!;)

Safety first Eh!


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Frans, Was that you??? Sorry dude. i got it for the same as your final bid but mine came in first. I was hoping it wasnt someone around here or the other sites whose name Id be familiar with.

Final price $950 + shipping.

I got word last week that retail price is expected to jump $200 on them ($2495 -> $2695)

Ill keep my eyes out for them. I do a search ever so often to check. I think I remember lumberjack carl getting one on ebay a couple yrs ago. Seems like he didnt mention anything about it until the auction was over (smart kid).
I was eye-ing that auction, too. The item was definitely used, but well worth the $950 it seemed. Congrats on the win! You'll love it.

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I know Ill love it. Ive used one b4 both on a job site and non-job site (I had one set up at the ITCC in nashville).

Just got the invoice today - $57 for shipping from GA. not too bad.
$57 shipping from GA to OK? Hell of a deal if you ask me. You'd be hard pressed to find someone to carry it from the truck to the back yard for $57!!!

okie.. congrats on snagging that killer deal on a GRCS.

I'd be all over another GRCS at $950... hint hint...

email if you've got one for sale..
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no beer :D

thanks for the welcome.. noticed folks are a little more relaxed here..