GRCS Rigging Vid

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Um, I bid the job to take 2 hours at $600 per.

W/O the GRCS it would be unlikely that I'd have as much rigging as I do, but if I did I could have done it with the truck on that particular job.

The option that was suppose to be going down that morning was bringing in a crane, I'd imagine the 100 ton which brings a 6 hour $230 (plus 15%) charge. They would have had to cut several limbs off surrounding trees to have enough room to work, and getting the tree untangled might have been a bit of time.

Over all with a crane it would have probably taken me roughly the same time, but at a much higher cost.

Without the crane the job would probably have taken an extra thirty minutes with a truck, perhaps a bit more. Most jobs wouldn't have had enough room to work like that with a truck though.
"The crowd was awestruck...OW....we'll come up with a genius idea"

:lol: :lol: Good show, good rigging, thanks for sharing.
Good work. Did you place the rigging in the tree with the Geni lift? How do you like the lift?
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Yes, I placed them in the broken tree with the lift, had to climb out to set the rigging in the live pine.

I flat love my Genie :)
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TZ 50/30

56' working height, 30' horizonal reach @ 22'. 3 knuckles and 1 extending boom, 500lb unrestricted load chart.