GRCS: New vs. Old


Sep 2, 2006
Now that I have is numbered 109..the other 577. The heads very different. The old has an anodized, is "stainless"? The knurling on the winch head is better for rope slippage and the bigger head seems to accept more wraps. My question is.. the gearing. Are they very different there?
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serious yo! winch seems mo betta'
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any maintenace I should do on my old one?
I've never heard of any preventative maintance.

Greg did say:
"When you are using the drill on your GRCS you need to frequently check the screw in the handle socket on the winch and make sure it stays tight. Alot of drilling can cause it to loosen up."

If the tailer's springs weaken, they are replaceable, but that's not pm.
actually your supposed to open them up once a year and lightly grease the bearings. pul the screw out and the drum comes off, pay attention to how it all goes together so you get it back right
Buy the new DVD which comes with it. Essential to have the instructions which explain all that which is necessary.
Congrats Bivy,8) looks like all us other guys will now have to do the keep up with the Jones thing:P

I have thought about getting a second one also. When I seen the GRCS being used to pull a stump I thought that was pretty cool. I myself would never have the winch mounted on that Spruce stump the way that picture showed Greg doing it. No way would a prima donna tool like that be anywhere close to a dirty old filthy rootball like that. I would have it mounted in a nice clean remote location like on the back of a truck using the truck mount.

With the reports coming in that the new winch is an improved design and an improvement I'll probaly get a second GRCS. I don't think it will happen this year. Maybe next. If we survive this year anyway. Looks like it is going to be a little on the lean side this year for profitable work.

Good for you Darin, you won't regret it.
+1 here!

The new capstan is a definite improvement over the old one.

--I cannot stress enough that the new DVD is essential in order to not only operate the device correctly, but also to understand how to maintain the device properly.
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I should show the video that came with mine.....wind was blowin' so hard you could not hear a word they were sayin'(early days, I guess). Is there a "exploded" diagram of the head?. I have had to tighten the screw after using a drill.....but have never greased it. Should I?
probably should at least look at it john. this thread got me to work on mine. the rubber piece behind the strap winch got broke off a few weeks ago the pig tail got severly tweaked a couple years ago so i ground it off and glued it back on straight. so i now have a new one also:D
the new dvd has a part were Greg explains and shows how to take the unit apart, what to look for and how to grease it.

maybe send him an email and ask him for the best way to get the dvd?
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Anyone have one they want lend for a little while? I know how use, but not how service it.:roll:
NoBivy, why on earth would you borrow someone elses DVD? Even if you were too lazy to get your own, it is still more trouble to borrow one, and then have to return it, than to simply make a couple of phone calls and get your own.

Here is a wild thought: Try emailing the inventor (Greg Good), and ask him where is the best place to have your DVD sent from.

Here, I will make it even easier for you