Good Night Folks!

Old Monkey

Mar 9, 2005
I am trying to get to bed earlier and these internet forum things don't help much for that, just ask my wife. So here is me clocking out at 10:30pm on a Sunday night. I hope everyone has a safe, easy and profitable tomorrow. Now all I have to do is turn this infernal machine off and go snooze.
But Darin you cant sleep so early. Who will be there to help keep me straight & be my voice of reason while I solve all the worlds dilemmas?....Night Dude...I was kidding Darin.
Damn, Brendon! Turn that frown upside down!

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Good idea! No, just late telling Darin good night and wishing him luck as I've never been good about turning the box off at night.

Good morning, Butch! :D
10:30 is early my time. 10:30 Darin's time was about 1:30 my time, and I was still out in my garage hanging a new trolling motor!

I'm a night owl.