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Sep 6, 2006
central Florida
Garmin just released the 2009 map update for North America. They are selling the download for $70 but you have 30 days to get it for free if you've purchased a qualiying GPS and have it registered at To see if you qualify for the free update, go to and enter your unit's serial number.
Cool, thanks RJS, I just got my Nuvi last month and registered it the same day, they walk you through an update process then, I am in like Flynn with the 2009 maps. ;)
Paul when you're updated to the newest maps do you think I could pm you an address and you could search it on your GPS? I'd be interested to know if there are any improvements to the mapping around my area.
sure and sure. I have the north america map (includes alaska, canada and the US) I dont remember if it has mexico.
hit me.
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Goddammit! I didn't write down the product key when I downloaded the map update and now I can't install it! :X

edit: I finally found it. Garmin's website sucks!
RJS, I emailed my key to myself, I will PM it to you in case it might be useful...?
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Looks like I'll have to check it out tomorrow. The new maps are only 3% installed, looks like it's going to take a while. :(
just checked, they dont find the address you gave me either Squash, you ARE out in the sticks!
when I go to search intersection I can find you though, the nearest intersection it predicted from entered text was phoenix and silver star, I scrolled over to the street you named, from that I can tap the screen in the rough area of the street to get a house address, yes it found the one you gave me and from that I can pick it as a destination or a waypoint to another.


ps, lemme know if the pics show too much info fo you for the web and I will pull them off toute suite ;)

pps. I got the cross street names as Google maps DID find you.


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Cool Paul that's alot better than my Navigon would do. Nah the pics don't bother me, I'm not that hard to find anyways.:D

Thanks I may just have a look at the model of GPS that you've got there. I'm terrible with address's around here. Landmarks yup but st names and stuff no go.

Finding Phoenix and Silver star that's pretty good not far down the road from me.

the model I have is Nuvi 350, the map software updates all models. Mine is a remanufactured unit, about $200 plus S&H on Ebay :shifty:

a new 760 at is like $520 or so and they have a coupon for like $130 off at the moment.....
I just bought (today) a new Garmin Nuvi 850 on Ebay for $419.00.
I remember when I bought my Garmin GPS V a few years ago and it was almost $500!

This model has voice recognition, so you don't have to type in an address, just say it into the mike.

Nuvi 350 here and I dont mind typing the addy, its a great tool and a fair value for the $200 it cost me.
I got my Nuvi 850 the other day and have been playing around with it. It doesn't understand Hawaiian names too well. I have to spell it (using voice recognition) for it to recognize the city I live in and when the GPS voice says the city (Kailua) the pronunciation is way off. No wonder it doesn't recognize it when spoken correctly. Some Hawaiian names are understood right away. English street names are understood very well. I like the Garmin GPS lock with pin code. It will render the GPS useless if stolen. It maps very quickly and reroutes very fast if you detour.
I've been pondering getting one. My father, an aunt, and some other folks can't immagine why I don't have one.
I tried to update my nuvi 350, not sure but it didn't work. just kept telling me to click download maps, never actually downloaded them I don't think. software version is 4.70...
I know where most of the local addresses, travel is the main thing I'd want it for. Location's I don't benifit by remembering.